Photo Release -- Veran Announces the Addition of Serrated Cup Forceps to Its Ever-Expanding Line of Always-On Tip Tracked(R) Instruments

Veran's SPiN Drive(R) System

ATLANTA, Oct. 22, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Veran Medical Technologies, developers of the next generation of minimally invasive delivery of interventional oncology therapies, announced today at the CHEST 2012 Conference the latest expansion of the Always-On Tip Tracked® family of instrumentation. Veran's Always-On Tip Tracked instruments are used with the SPiN Drive® electromagnetic navigation platform and include an array of brushes, needles, forceps and catheters with patented electromagnetic sensors at the tip for accurate navigating and sampling deep in the lungs. As a part of Veran's total oncology solution, SPiN Drive technology allows physicians to biopsy Solitary Pulmonary Nodules (SPN's) for the potential early diagnosis for lung cancer.

The SPiN Drive System is easy to use; with a rapid learning curve using conventional bronchoscopy tools and the ability to perform procedures in any room, with any bed, at any time.

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"The addition of serrated cup forceps is only the beginning of the product line of instruments becoming available," said Mark Hunter, executive vice president, business development and operations. "Imagine the freedom to choose the instrument you need at the time of navigation. We engineer for specific physician needs rather than offering only one general instrument, giving Veran the competitive edge. Always-On Tip Tracked instruments empower physicians by providing innovative and flexible solutions."

The SPiN Drive system allows the physician to never remove navigation or introduce fluoroscopic radiation exposure to the patient at the time of biopsy. The platform provides optimal facility flexibility by requiring no unique bed or room calibration. Additionally, best-in-class airway segmentation allows the physician to plan and visualize their procedure with virtual bronchoscopic views.

Lung cancer is a deadly disease that mortally claims 85 percent of patients within five years. According to the recent NLST (National Lung Screen Trial) study, there is a 21 percent reduction in mortality for patients screened for lung cancer. Many SPN's in the peripheral lung are inaccessible with today's techniques and technologies, leaving patients on "watchful waiting" protocols of repeat CT scanning causing significant patient anxiety and unproductive costs added to the U.S. Healthcare System. Veran's SPiN Drive product acts as a GPS-like system to enable pulmonologists and surgeons to access SPN's, aid in obtaining biopsy tissue for diagnosis and end watchful waiting.

About Veran Medical Technologies, Inc. Veran Medical Technologies is a privately held company led by a team of innovators focused on developing the next generation of minimally invasive delivery of interventional oncology therapies. Veran has built several clinical products upon its ig4™ platform technology, which uses proprietary 4D registration capabilities for targeting lesions within the human body. The company believes that by enabling minimally invasive early stage diagnosis, it can increase patient survival and potentially lower healthcare costs. Veran Medical Technologies is headquartered in St. Louis, MO.

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