UrbanCode Introduces uRelease, an Enterprise Application Release Platform

CLEVELAND, Oct. 22, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UrbanCode, leaders in build, deploy, provision, and release automation tools, announces uRelease—a revolutionary release management and coordination platform that lets you plan, execute, and track releases all the way to production. uRelease reduces the challenges of multi-application releases to make them more Agile, faster and less error prone.

The discipline of release management is becoming critical as organizations endeavor to bring increasingly complex applications to market faster. It's characterized by the need to collaborate across silos, and between operational groups. Gartner observes, "With the increased demand for more frequent releases and predictable outcomes, IT organizations are beginning to realize that they can no longer focus on production-only processes."

uRelease provides a 'single pane of glass' across the entire release to eliminate the visibility and tracking challenges of managing application and infrastructure changes with different tools.

The Environment Management capabilities within uRelease make it easier to allocate environments to phases in a release for development and testing, providing better visibility and control for efficient environment utilization.

The flexibility to deploy using application-centric deployment processes in lower environments and team-centric processes in production environments accommodates environmental differences, allowing the tool to align with established practices within release management.

"Our customers face challenges related to managing mega-releases which are made up of thousands of changes spread across hundreds of applications. These mega-releases create a vicious circle: the complexity of the release causes it to slow down, meanwhile changes are piling up, which in turn causes another increase in complexity, and so on. uRelease breaks this vicious circle. It aids in the management of these integrated releases allowing them to become smaller, more Agile, and getting them to market faster." – Maciej Zawadzki, CEO UrbanCode

uRelease supports three layers of organization to provide a versatile and controllable release process with visibility throughout the Release Plan, Deployment Plan and Environment Plan.

The Release Plan - identifies what versions of which applications, are included in the release. Gates and approvals maintain quality in the release.

The Deployment Plan - keeps track of application and infrastructure changes. It defines how changes are introduced into an environment and manages the deployment of the applications and their alignment with the infrastructure changes in the release.

The Environment Plan - allows users to manage release environments and define the scope of interactions between interdependent applications.

For more information visit: http://www.urbancode.com/html/products/release/

About UrbanCode

UrbanCode's award winning DevOps toolchain enables organizations to deliver to production faster with fewer errors: resulting in decreased time to market, and accelerated pace of innovation. Our customers are enterprises at the forefront of their industries: including financial services, retail, travel, etc. Our tools play mission critical roles in build management, deployment automation, and release management for mission critical services, and applications.


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