Frankfort Chiropractor Announces Wellness & Nutrition Seminar, October 23 and October 27

FRANKFORT, Ill., Oct. 22, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center in Frankfort, IL announced that chiropractor Dr. Scott Stratton will host a wellness seminar on October 23 and October 27. The seminar, entitled "Eat Like Your Life Depended On It" will educate individuals about the importance of healthy, balanced nutrition for whole body health and long-term weight loss. According to Dr. Stratton, poor dietary habits not only increase the risk for chronic disease, but also contribute to fatigue, pain and general poor health. He maintains that adopting positive eating habits now will help reduce the risk for future health problems.

Frankfort chiropractor Dr. Scott Stratton is working to educate patients about the importance of balanced nutrition for whole body health. Dr. Stratton is holding a seminar on October 23 and 27 emphasizing the importance of proactive wellness care rather than reactive medical care.

"The way people address healthcare is based on reactive rather than proactive care," said Dr. Stratton. "Too many patients wait until they are sick to worry about their health. It's no surprise then that millions of Americans struggle with chronic illness, headaches and obesity each year. By neglecting our health, we set our bodies up for a lifetime of pain, stress, injury and sickness. The time to protect our health is now."

Dr. Stratton's two-part seminar will discuss the importance of whole body health and nutrition counseling for disease prevention. The Frankfort chiropractor recommends Nutritional Response Testing to determine what nutritional deficiencies are present at the cellular level.

"Skipping the drive-thru and eating the occasional salad is not enough to keep the body healthy," said Dr. Stratton. "Nutritional deficiencies typically begin at the cellular level. This is why Nutritional Response Testing is important. The earlier a nutritionist can identify a nutritional imbalance in the body, the more we can do to correct this imbalance before it leads to illness, such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity."

During the wellness seminars, Dr. Stratton will educate participants about how to create customized diet plans for their unique health needs. By balancing nutrients in the body, patients will have more energy, improve their health and support long-term weight loss.

"Frankfort nutrition counseling can help patients achieve better health," said Dr. Stratton. "A dietary plan that corrects nutritional imbalances will bring harmony back to the body. This is the best way to protect against chronic illnesses while enhancing whole body health. Diets can also address specific health needs, such as weight loss, fibromyalgia pain relief, migraine relief, and anti-aging."

Residents in Frankfort, Tinley Park and Mokena are invited to attend the "Eat Like Your Life Depended Upon It" seminar at Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center. For more information on the seminar and directions to the chiropractic center, individuals may visit

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