GlobalOptions Announces Appointment of Phil Peart as Director of International Strategies – Asia Pacific and Travel Insurance Programs

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- GlobalOptions, Inc., a leading provider of Special Investigative Unit Services to the insurance community, announced today that Phil Peart has accepted the position of Director of International Strategies at GlobalOptions. In this capacity Mr. Peart will be responsible for leading SIU Initiatives and program development in the Asia Pacific and Global Travel Insurance markets. Mr. Peart will be instrumental in working with Global customers to develop international anti-fraud strategies in the Asia Pacific region and the development of multi-national investigative programs. Mr. Peart will also be responsible for complete oversight of GlobalOptions Travel Insurance programs.

Mr. Peart has over 40 years of international investigative experience holding senior management positions with organizations in Australia, China, and the United States. Mr. Peart is recognized globally as a leading expert in travel claim investigations and recoveries having personally handled major loss claims on nearly every continent, and throughout the Asia Pacific. He is a regular presenter at the International Travel Insurance Conference and has also presented at the Travel Insurance and Health Association conference of Canada. He has travelled extensively throughout Africa and the Middle East, including Northern Iraq, Central and Eastern Europe and the UK meeting with leading insurance executives, investigators and industry experts. He has also conducted fraud awareness training for many of the world’s leading travel insurers in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Scandinavia.

Mr. Peart is a member of the Travel Insurers Network, the European Chapter of the IASIU, the Australian Institute of Professional Investigators (AiPi) and the Australian Life Underwriters and Claims Association (ALUCA).

Commenting on the appointment of Mr. Peart, Frank Pinder, President and CEO of GlobalOptions stated, “The addition of Mr. Peart adds significant international experience to our company and there is no one more qualified and experienced in the travel insurance investigation business.” Mr. Pinder said GlobalOptions would continue to expand their Travel Insurance Program drawing on Mr. Peart’s experience, knowledge international expertise as we fully integrate travel into our international business unit.

Mr. Pinder added, “Mr. Peart not only brings his expertise to GlobalOptions, but a wealth of analytical data on travel claims, fraud, trends and identifiable risks accumulated during his many years of working at the highest level of international investigations. This matrix of data is being integrated into GlobalTrak creating one of the most sophisticated global case management applications available in the travel insurance market today.”

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