Jury to Hear Bal Seal Patent Violation Claim in 2013

FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- A judge has determined that a lawsuit filed by Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. against Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation will proceed to trial. The suit alleges that Saint-Gobain infringes Patent No. 5,160,122 held by Bal Seal for its spring-energized sealing technology.

In a ruling issued earlier this month by Judge Cathy Ann Bencivengo of the United States District Court’s Southern District of California, the court denied a motion for summary judgment brought by Saint-Gobain, and ruled in Bal Seal’s favor on several of the asserted claims in the civil suit. The decision, which was based on the court’s review of technical drawings used to illustrate the alleged similarities between the Bal Seal® Spring-energized Seal patented technology and Saint-Gobain’s OmniSeal® APS, paves the way for a trial before a jury, scheduled for October of 2013.

Founded in 1958 by engineer and entrepreneur Pete Balsells and headquartered in Foothill Ranch, Calif., Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. is a privately-held manufacturer of custom-engineered sealing solutions. The company’s seals, which employ the Bal Seal Canted Coil Spring® as an energizing component, are used in a broad range of equipment, from planetary rovers to medical pumps.

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics, named in the suit as a California Corporation, is an operating unit of the Paris-based Saint Gobain Corporation’s Innovative Materials sector.

About Bal Seal Engineering, Inc.

Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. is a global provider of custom-engineered sealing, connecting, conducting and EMI shielding solutions. The company’s products employ unique Bal Seal Canted Coil® spring technology, which promotes improved equipment performance and reliability. For information about Bal Seal products and services, e-mail sales@balseal.com, visit www.balseal.com or call 800-366-1006.

Bal Seal Engineering, Inc.
Mark Halloran
Marketing Communications Manager

Source: Bal Seal Engineering, Inc.