Capital Southwest Corporation Announces 9/30/12 Net Asset Value

DALLAS, Oct. 23, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Capital Southwest Corporation (Nasdaq:CSWC) today reported total net assets at September 30, 2012 of $602,242,516 equivalent to $158.65 per share. Comparative annual data is summarized below:

September 30, 2012 March 31, 2012 September 30, 2011
Net assets $602,242,516 $628,707,006 $502,175,307
Shares outstanding 3,796,078 3,754,538 3,754,538
Net assets per share $158.65 $167.45 $133.75

During the six months ended September 30, 2012, net assets decreased $26,464,490. This decrease is primarily related to a $28,200,551 decrease in unrealized appreciation of investments resulting from the sale of 2,774,250 shares of common stock of Encore Wire, Inc. and offset by improved earnings in our restricted holdings. As a result, total unrealized gains included in earnings that relate to assets still held at September 30, 2012 are $54,724,826.

Assuming reinvestment of all dividends and tax credits on retained long-term capital gains, the September 30, 2012 net asset value was 14.2% greater than the March 31, 2012 net asset value of $167.45 per share and 44.3% above the September 30, 2011 net asset value of $133.75 per share. It is important to note that during the six months ended September 30, 2012, we distributed $66,825,782 or $17.59 per share of capital gains dividends and $1,505,675 or $0.40 per share in ordinary dividends to our shareholders. The assumed reinvestment of the capital gains distribution has positively impacted the rate of return.

About Capital Southwest Corporation

Capital Southwest is celebrating over 50 years of helping companies grow and prosper. Since our founding in 1961, we have operated as a business development company with a refreshingly different mindset: we provide capital to exceptional businesses and have the patience and flexibility to hold investments indefinitely, enabling companies to achieve their potential. Visit our website at to learn about our investment criteria and how our capital can accelerate your company's growth.

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