txtRSVP Simplifies RSVP Process for Both Event Planners and Guests

RIVERSIDE, Calif., Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- With daily email use among teens age 13-17 at 30% and falling 15% per year it's clear organizing events with the next generation over Evite is a headache waiting to happen. At 11% daily usage among the same group even Twitter is a non-starter for these up and comers. What we do know, according to Common Sense Media and Nielsen, is that "teens love texting" with 68% texting daily to exchange 3,400 messages per month. Even the 18-24 crowd is texting over 1,900 times per month. Any remaining notion that texting as a way to RSVP is uncouth must be thoroughly reconsidered.

With a new freshman class now settled in their dorms and quickly extending their social network it's time to review their perspective on digital communication etiquette. After all, they are going to start planning, hosting, and attending the "grown up" events of the future, and frat parties of the present. So how are they going to organize if a mere 4% consider a phone call their "favorite" way to talk? txtRSVP is betting the answer is simple, they turn to their favorite medium, text messaging, to manage guests for events both informal and formal.

Beloit's famous "Mindset List" reminds us that for the class of 2016 a snail mail envelope represents little more than an icon on their smart phone. According to Business Insider they also "don't call or email or IM each other." They text to connect individually and they use Facebook to socialize online. As these behaviors become even more the norm tools like txtRSVP augment the event planner's, or freshman socialite's, ability to engage guests using a medium that is easy and comfortable to them.

With any traditional stigma of text based RSVP, a foreign concept to young adults, event planners are free to harness the power of tools like txtRSVP that facilitate custom, automated SMS conversations with guests. The structure of text messages provides a fluid way to capture information about each individual guest. Common information like meal preference or less typical things like special needs or allergies can easily be tied to a guest and referenced across multiple events. They can even ask fun tidbits like, "How did you meet the happy couple?" No card to fill out, no call to make, no post office trip. All of the information gathered is summarized in an online dashboard and reconnecting with guests is as easy as sending updates and reminders about the event directly to their cell phone.

As always, the game is changing quickly. But the data tells a clear story. Even with the hype of tools like Twitter young adults prefer to communicate by text message over every other medium. So, event planners, party planners, even if texting an invite isn't feasible it may be time to drop the "reply-in-kind" rule and allow a text RSVP.

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