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  • With school out, parents are looking for ways to keep the kids busy this summer. Jackie Breyer of Toy Insider has the latest toys that can keep your kids entertained both inside and outside. Plus a new game for adults too.

  • Travel insurance: What it covers, what it doesn't

    You've been saving and planning for that summer vacation for months. Should you buy trip insurance? Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson has tips on what travel insurance covers and what it doesn't. Is the cost worth safeguarding your trip, in case the unexpected happens?

  • Are tariffs working and could they escalate?

    With the US waging a trade war with China, we hear about tariffs and the threat of more down the road. But how are they impacting you? And could trade conflicts escalate in other ways? Brookings Institution senior fellow Michael O'Hanlon's new book explores how a tariff strategy could alter U.S. options in the event of a security or military crisis.

  • Where does Starbucks get new ideas?

    Can established companies innovate like a start up? Starbucks is encouraging employees to explore entrepreneurial ideas in their innovation lab. Reporter Kate Rogers goes to Seattle to see how they're brewing up change. And innovation lab expert Julie Sandler shares what other companies, from Amazon to Google, have already created in their labs as they work to find the next big thing.

  • Where to find bargains for Father's Day gifts

    Father's Day is next weekend. If you're looking for bargains for Dad, shopping expert Trae Bodge of SlickDeals shows you where the deals are, how to find them and what to avoid.

  • How a bad haircut turned into a beauty of a startup

    Melody McCloskey had a tough time finding a hair stylist when she moved to San Francisco. After a bad haircut, she created StyleSeat, a technology platform with a two-fold purpose: helping beauty professionals run their business, as well as helping clients discover stylists in their area.

  • Rapid results for DNA tests

    Police are getting a new tool to help find suspects and speed up investigations. A new "Rapid DNA" testing machine can do in hours what used to take days or weeks in a crime lab. Reporter Rahel Solomon goes to Kentucky to find how a pilot program with the breakthrough device could make solving crimes easier, quicker and cheaper.

  • Which airports are getting upgrades?

    With summer vacation season arriving, Los Angeles' LAX and New York's LaGuardia are among airports getting multi-billion dollar upgrades. We ask aviation consultant Mike Boyd which other airports need to get fixed with infrastructure investments and who pays.

  • Summer wine picks for under $15

    Looking for a good wine at a good price? If your budget is $15 or less, Food and Wine's executive wine editor, Ray Isle, has some new picks whether you want red, white or even canned wine.

  • Why you should pay for disability insurance

    It's a type of insurance you may not have considered. But if the unexpected happens and you're unable to work, it could provide the extra protection you need. Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson breaks down the types of disability insurance that can help cover you while you recover.

  • How a robbery led to a multi-million dollar business

    After his wallet was stolen at the beach, Jonathan Kinas turned his misfortune into a fortune. His idea for an invention to keep valuables safe turned him into an entrepreneur. And after a deal on "Shark Tank," he now runs a multi-million dollar business that's expanding.

  • From maintenance to upgrades, home improvement spending is climbing. From plumbers to painters to window washers, the industry is struggling to find workers. We ask Dina Dwyer-Owens, co-chair of Neighborly, the largest franchiser of home service brands, where they're finding skilled trades people to hire, and where homeowners are spending.

  • Military families already make great personal sacrifices to serve. But financial stress and debt can add up while they're deployed. Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson meets a family on base dealing with unique financial challenges since returning from service overseas.

  • Hidden gems: Cheaper summer travel alternatives

    Planning a summer vacation but looking to save some money? While popular destinations like San Diego or Seattle may be beyond your budget, we'll have some similar alternative locations you may not know about.

  • Who pays for a $2 million life-saving drug?

    Drug prices keep rising, but a new medicine approved by the FDA this week is the world's most expensive drug. One single dose will cost $2.1 million dollars. But reporter Meg Tirrell finds the new medication could save lives and money, even at that price. We ask former Aetna CEO Ron Williams who pays for these treatments and what's ahead for health care as the Affordable Care Act turns 10 next year.

  • Tour the ultimate game room

    Go behind the doors of a Florida mansion, where half the space is a mega-arcade. We'll take you on a tour where the pool, bowling alley and pinball machines are just the beginning when it comes to playing around.


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