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  • Magic number for retirement

    How much is enough to stop working? Is there a magic number you'll need in savings? Charles Schwab surveyed 401(k) participants to find how much they believe they will need, on average, to retire. We ask Schwab's Abel Oonnoonny if there's a formula and what steps are needed to reach that goal.

  • Gas station on wheels

    Wish you could skip the trip to the gas station? Booster is a new startup that will deliver fuel to you on demand, right to your vehicle. Reporter Aditi Roy finds where the app is available and how Booster is able to fill up cars at a slightly cheaper price than the corner station.

  • Stopping hack attacks at work and home

    Hackers aren't just after your data. They're also trying to get into office phones, printers and other devices that can be hacked to cause damage or gain sensitive business data. We ask Charles Henderson, global head of IBM Security's X-Force Red how his team works to stay ahead of cybercriminals who can also break into smart devices at home.

  • No job, no problem

    Fewer teens are earning summer paychecks. Instead of getting a job, how are they spending their time? Glassdoor Chief Economist Andrew Chamberlain on what teens are doing instead and what it means for the labor force.

  • Dive in and track sharks

    Shark attacks are not increasing, says Ocearch founder Chris Fischer. By tagging great white sharks, the nonprofit tracks the movements of the ocean's top predator, sharing that data on their site. He explains why sharks are crucial for marine conservation.

  • Saving for retirement automatically

    California now requires all employers offer workers a way to save for retirement. Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson reports the state-run CalSavers program will help 7M employees without access to a workplace retirement savings plan.

  • Scouting and science

    From cybersecurity to coding, Girl Scouts are adding 42 new badges. Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo, a former NASA rocket scientist, explains how it was demand from the girls themselves behind the addition of more digital and technology skills to the troops

  • Hidden fees: How to fight and avoid them

    Ever feel ripped off when you check out of a hotel, or check on your mobile phone bill? Many customers are surprised, annoyed or angry at hidden fees. Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson has tips on how to find, avoid and fight extra charges.

  • How to hire a pro for a home project

    Finding a plumber, electrician or another skilled professional can be difficult. Thumbtack is an app that wants to make that search easier and faster by connecting you with small local businesses. Co-founder and CEO Marco Zappacosta explains how it works and how they can instantly tell you who's available and the cost.

  • Big brother insurance

    Your insurance company wants to know how you drive. From speeding to braking to your mileage, insurers are using in-car devices to set rates. Reporter Contessa Brewer finds if you let them track you, you could get a rate discount. But is trading your privacy worth the potential savings?

  • How you could walk in space

    50 years after the first moonwalk, there's a new race to space with private companies investing in exploration and space tourism. Astronaut Joe Acaba explains what it's like to take a spacewalk and what's ahead for NASA's Mars mission plans.

  • New retirement choice: Roth 401(k) vs. 401(k)

    More employers are adding Roth 401(k) options in their retirement plans. Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson explains what makes a Roth different from a traditional 401(k) and how it could impact the size of your nest egg later

  • Ice cream and veggies: yum or yuck?

    Could indulging in ice cream also mean eating a serving of veggies? With flavors like vanilla with hidden zucchini and strawberry with hidden carrots, Peekaboo Ice Cream founder Jessica Levison hides vegetables in every scoop. She explains how her idea to get her kids to eat their veggies turned into a business.

  • How much for a seat on a space flight?

    Soon it won't just be astronauts above the earth's atmosphere. Virgin Galactic is selling tickets now for space tourism. Shark Tank investor Kevin O'Leary goes inside Sir Richard Branson's desert hangar to see the vehicle that will launch civilians into space, and find what it costs for the ride of a lifetime.

  • What if someone steals your kid's identity?

    Your kid might have a credit card, and you don't even know about it. Child ID theft is rising as criminals are stealing personal data from kids for identity theft. Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson has tips on how to protect your children from fraud.

  • Is fake meat a healthier choice?

    More Americans are flipping from ground beef to plant-based alternatives. While the beef substitutes claim to be better for the environment, are they better for you? Reporter Jane Wells puts real and fake burgers to the test. And we ask Brian Swette, president of Sweet Earth, a plant-based meat company about the nutrition and the competition.


  • Becky Quick

    Becky Quick is co-anchor of "Squawk Box" and also anchor of the nationally syndicated "On the Money."