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  • Workout

    From boutique classes, to boot camps, to the latest interactive workouts, high tech fitness comes in many spaces, places and prices. Reporter Diana Olick finds the biggest players and newest equipment in pursuit of optimum health.

  • Cold weather strategies

    As the cold spell and winter storms continue over much of the country, what’s the economic impact of this long deep freeze? Paul Walsh, IBM’s Director of Weather Strategy is harnessing the big data of weather to calculate, forecast and help companies prepare for and profit from the weather.

  • Military retirement

    Career military officers have long been able to rely on their lifetime pension after serving for 20 years. But now soldiers are getting a new option that includes a 401(k)-type plan. Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson reports.

  • Bourbon boom

    Reporter Landon Dowdy goes to Kentucky to see what’s behind the bourbon boom, visit new distilleries and even sample a 30-year-old bourbon that costs $300/shot.

  • Credit card debt

    Now that the holidays are just a memory, the credit card bills are coming due. WalletHub’s Senior Analyst Jill Gonzalez has tips on how to dig yourself out of those bills in the new year.

  • Tech trends

    What new tech items will be arriving in the new year? Anthony Ha from TechCrunch and Chris Velazco, Engadget, bring new tech and electronic products you probably haven’t heard about yet.

  • California Gold Rush 2.0

    The legal recreational marijuana market opens for business in California on January 1st. But the state has only approved a handful of licenses. Reporter Jane Wells find a sleepy gold rush town where entrepreneurs are hoping to create a pot paradise.

  • Flight plan

    Hopper is a travel app that runs massive amounts of data to recommend when you should buy that airline ticket. We ask Hopper’s Chief Data Scientist for strategies to save money on your next trip.

  • Money moves for 2018

    From the new tax law, to higher interest rates, how will these changes impact your money? Personal Finance Expert Stacey Tisdale has steps you can take now to get a smart start on 2018.

  • Trouble in toys

    Some of this year’s best-selling toys could be dangerous. More electronic toys are internet-connected, but CNBC's Andrea Day finds lax security and privacy standards could put your child’s personal information at risk.

  • Listening in

    Recode Managing Editor Ed Lee breaks down the steps to take to keep hackers from listening in and how you can protect your personal data.

  • Real estate robots

    A new type of agent could show you around an open house. In San Francisco, robots are now showing available apartments to prospective renters. Reporter Diana Olick on how these moveable video monitors could be a rolling trend in real estate.

  • Financial future

    CNBC asks Greg McBride of Bankrate.com what you should do to save money the remainder of this year, and into 2018.

  • Holiday cheers

    Food & Wine’s Executive Wine Editor has done the research and has vintages that can complement your menu without breaking your holiday budget.

  • Home by design

    Havenly Co-founder and CEO Lee Mayer explains how you can get professional home décor help and stay on budget, too.

  • Around the world

    Few people have visited every country in the world, but one is 27 year-old Sal Lavallo. He has passport stamps from 193 countries, all the nations recognized by the United Nations. He’ll share travel tips on how he did it and where he’s going next.


  • Becky Quick

    Becky Quick is co-anchor of "Squawk Box" and also anchor of the nationally syndicated "On the Money."