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  • On the Money 4

    Former Benedictine monk Doug Lynam committed to doing good by joining the church. But then he went from being a spiritual advisor to a financial one. Lynam explains how he changed his oath of poverty to help others gain wealth.

  • Summer wines

    Food and Wine Executive Wine Editor Ray Isle with some of the best summer wines at great prices.

  • Changing credit scores

    The three major credit bureaus, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian are changing how consumer scores are calculated. NerdWallet columnist Liz Weston has more on the scope and impact of these changes on your ability to borrow.

  • Maximum minimum wage?

    Seattle has the highest minimum wage in the country, at $13. A new University of Washington study found Seattle workers are taking home less money now, since employers are cutting hours. Study co-author Mark Long tells what the findings could mean for the national labor market.

  • Summer travel

    AAA’s Robert Sinclair has travel tips on how to stay safe and save money this weekend and all summer.

  • Wrong Number

    If your phone has been ringing with more unwanted recorded messages lately, you're probably right. Robocall complaints to the FTC are up 60 percent over last year. But how are scammers going around the federal “Do Not Call List”, and are telemarketers honoring it? Consumer advocate Margot Saunders warns the problem could get even worse.

  • Beauty Business

    Cosmetics used to only be found at department store counters and drug stores. But in 1999, a husband and wife team, launched a luxury beauty store, Bluemercury. They created one stop for makeup, skincare and even spa treatments. Bought by Macy’s two years ago, can the upscale beauty chain grow through the brick-and-mortar retail upheaval?

  • Cash In Your Closet

    If your closet is overstuffed with items you don't, won't, or can't wear anymore, you can turn that clutter into cash. Multiple websites will pay you for “gently- used-but-still-in-style” clothes. But what sells, and what types of items are the most valuable? Reporter Courtney Reagan sent pants, dresses and sweaters to ThreadUp and Poshmark to find out how much they take, and how much you can make.

  • On the Money 2

    We ask Stifel Chief Economist Lindsey Piegza if more Fed increases are to follow and how they could impact your money.

  • In-room fitness

    Hilton Hotels is modifying some guest rooms to include a fully-equipped mini-gym with a stationary bicycle, weights, a yoga mat and more. Reporter Diana Olick finds out if travelers will pay more to work out in their room.

  • Fiduciary rule

    A controversial new “fiduciary rule” will require advisors act in their client’s best interests, even at the expense of their own profits. We ask financial expert Farnoosh Torabi what will rule change will mean for you and your nest egg.

  • Checkpoint changes

    The TSA is taking a closer look at carry-on contents at 10 airports. This comes as Homeland Security considers expanding to 71 airports a ban on laptops in cabins, currently in place in 10 mostly Middle Eastern airports. We ask aviation consultant Mike Boyd how it could impact your flights this summer.

  • Couple's guide to Social Security

    Should you start receiving reduced Social Security benefits at age 62? Or should you wait until you’re 70 for the full amount? Should both spouses collect at the same time, or should one wait? We ask Rob Kron of BlackRock for some advice and guidance.

  • Colorado growth

    The Rocky Mountain state has ranked near the top recently in both population and economic growth. Colorado boasts a great climate, outdoor activities, and the best job availability in the country, with an unemployment rate of 2.3 percent. We ask Governor John Hickenlooper if the Colorado model could spread to other states.

  • Learn & earn

    We ask National Skills Coalition CEO Andy Van Kleunen what a combination of on-the-job training and getting paid could mean for the next generation of workers.

  • Summer savings

    From mattresses to clothing, bargain hunters scouring Memorial Day sales can score some of the year’s best deals. We ask Vera Gibbons, GasBuddy.com Senior Consumer Analyst what to buy now and what to wait for.

  • New wedding rules

    How much should you spend on the new couple? What about a destination wedding? Long-held traditions and rules are changing. We ask The Knot’s Stephanie Cain what’s the same and what is different with this generation of brides and grooms.

  • Stock market strength

    Despite gloomy headlines in the economy and overseas, since the “Trump Rally” began, the markets seem invulnerable. We ask Kourtney Gibson, President of Loop Capital Markets, why nothing seems to be an obstacle to market growth and if it can continue.

  • Driving changes

    The average car on the road is more than 11 years old, but sales this year are expected to fall below last year’s record number. We ask Kelley Blue Book’s Rebecca Lindland how automakers are shifting to a new future with self-driving cars, and a changing marketplace.

  • Stock market slide

    News out of Washington seemed to have a direct impact on Wall Street this week. On Wednesday, the Dow had worst day since September, and the Nasdaq had its biggest drop since June. We ask J.P. Morgan Funds Chief Global Strategist David Kelly if you should consider some moves with your retirement savings plan?

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