Clear Energy Systems and GasGen Canada Sign Agreement for New Genset Distribution

PHOENIX and TORONTO, Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ClearEnergySystems, Inc. (CES), an innovator in mobile and distributed power generation systems, is pleased to announce that it has signed a master distribution agreement with Toronto-based GasGen Canada, Ltd. Under terms of the agreement, GasGen will market, distribute and service CES power generation products throughout Canada. The agreement represents the second master distributor relationship CES has concluded within the last 30 days.

Through this strategic alliance, Clear Energy Systems will launch its premier product—the Genesis 1000™—into Canadian distributed energy markets in early 2013. Genesis 1000™ is a compact, lightweight one megawatt power generation system, uniquely positioned in Canada's burgeoning resource industry. At only 18 feet (5.74 m) long and 16,200 lbs (7348 kg), the fully-enclosed Genesis™ unit is substantially smaller and lighter than typical 1MW power systems.

"We believe the size, weight, fuel agility and operating cost of the Genesis 1000™ will be a game-changer in distributed power generation," said Tony Carmen, president and CEO of Clear Energy Systems. "We're proud to be working with GasGen to introduce Genesis Power™ products in Canada."

GasGen Canada supplies natural gas generator sets to Canadian energy markets through its network of sub-distributors. The company's principals have 60 years of combined experience in corporate finance, on-site power and utility power applications.

"We see strong opportunities for CES' innovative technology in various energy applications, including peak shaving, demand response, remote operations and on-site power rental," said Greg Reid, president of GasGen Canada. "As emission regulations become stricter and companies look to improve their environmental stewardship, Genesis™ meets the toughest emissions standards in both Canada and the U.S."

John Birnie, former director of technical services at Legend Power System, has signed on at GasGen. Birnie noted, "The CES radial engine design offers significant advantages in simplicity, size, and savings. The engine's radial configuration allows for ease of maintenance and meaningfully lower maintenance costs."

The fuel-flexible Genesis 1000™ operates on natural gas, LP gas, bio-methane from landfills and bio-digesters, and flare gas from oil drilling and processing. The innovative distributed power generation system will be priced competitively against other natural gas gensets.

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