GM unveils redesigned V8 engine for 2014 Corvette

Oct 24 (Reuters) - General Motors Co said the redesigned 2014 Chevrolet Corvette that goes on sale next year will get a new 450-horsepower V8 engine.

The engine, designated LT1, displaces 6.2 liters and is the fifth generation of GM's ``small block'' V8 engine family.

Versions of the LT1 are expected to be used in other GM products, officials said, including the automaker's redesigned 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks.

In the new Corvette, the LT1 will enable the sports car to accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in four seconds.

The LT1 will be ``the most fuel-efficient 450-horsepower engine on the market,'' GM said at a media briefing Wednesday.