Alinean Adds Six New B2B Customers in Q3 2012

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Alinean, empowering B2B sales and marketing to better communicate and quantify the value of solutions to frugal buyers, today announced adding six new customers in Q3 2012. For the quarter, Alinean continued developing and delivering value marketing and sales tool services to over 75 existing B2B customers, and added six new customers including Canon, DewPoint, Savo Group, SGI, Voxeo and Zebra Technologies.

"Buyers recently indicated that the number one most valued content to help make purchase decisions is not case studies, product demos or product comparisons, but is financial justification / ROI," said Tom Pisello, CEO and Founder of Alinean. "Alinean value marketing and selling tools are vital to provide the financial justification needed to deliver this content, creating additional opportunities and driving quicker / more favorable purchase decisions."

Alinean's interactive value selling and marketing tools help B2B customers and sales professionals fight Frugalnomics (a condition where buyers are more empowered, skeptical and frugal) by providing the value messaging and the quantified justification needed to get today's more frugal and skeptical purchase decision makers from "Do Nothing" to "Yes."

Alinean tools replace traditional PDF white papers, PowerPoint presentations and justification spreadsheets with an easy-to-use, compelling and credible interactive platform that surveys buyer challenges, benchmarks current performance, quantifies the "cost of doing nothing" and cost-justifies proposed solutions. The Alinean tools empower more effective communication of relevant value messaging and provide the quantified justification needed to get stalled deals moving, drive quicker purchase decisions, avoid discounting, increase renewal rates and drive higher competitive win rates.

Alinean's value marketing and sales tools, including Interactive White Papers, Benefit Estimators, Diagnostic Assessments, ROI / TCO Sales Tools and the recently announced ValueStory™ iPad App, are delivered via a scalable, secured, and attested SaaS platform.

"We are proud to be called upon by the best marketing and sales leaders in the world to improve the way value message stories are told and quantified," said Tom Pisello, CEO and Founder of Alinean.

About Alinean
Alinean empowers B2B vendors to fight Frugalnomics and sell to today's economic-focused buyer via the development and delivery of interactive value selling and marketing tools. Alinean-powered interactive white papers, benefit estimators, diagnostic assessments, ROI / TCO calculators and ValueStory™ iPad App create more compelling value-based connections, presentations and proposals — generating more demand, challenging the "do-nothing" buyer into action, accelerating sales cycles and increasing deal size.

Leading B2B firms leveraging Alinean tools include: HP, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, OfficeMax, IDC/IDG, AT&T, BMC Software, Siemens, NetApp, Citrix, Cisco and SolidWorks.

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