Video Interview: Mr. Lijun Chen, Chairman and Mrs. Ka Kit, CEO, CAM GROUP, INC. [RTTE]

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NEW YORK, Oct. 24, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Veteran business journalist Carmen Roberts joins Mr. Lijun Chen, Chairman and Mrs. Ka Kit, CEO, CAM GROUP, INC. [RTTE] f/k/a China Agriculture Media Group Co., Ltd. to discuss the company's industry, strategy, financials and positioning.

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Mr. Lijun Chen, Chairman:

Mr. Chen has more than 22 years of experience in the Chinese agricultural market. Since 2003, he has held the position of President and General Manager of Hebei Agricultural Means of Production Co. Ltd. and led the company to achieve RMB 3.9 billion annual fertilizer sales.

During his tenure, he has earned various awards for entrepreneurship in Hebei province, including a National China Co-Op System Working Model award. Through his leadership, Hebei Agricultural Means of Production Co. Ltd. became part of the China Co-Op System Pioneer Group and has been accredited as a Hebei Province Upstanding Enterprise, and a Hebei Province Top 100 company. He is widely respected for this knowledge and his management capability in the industry.

Prior to Hebei Agricultural Means of Production Co. Ltd., Lijun Chen is platoon leader in Chinese People's Liberation Army.

Mrs. Ka Kit, CEO:

Ms. Kit Ka has extensive experience in telecommunication industry. Most recently, Ms. Kit Ka served as independent non-executive director at Cosmopolitan International Holdings Ltd. (HK: 00120). She is also a director of Sharp Wind Development Limited, Southcom Internet Technology Limited and Southcom Limited, which are principally engaged in telecommunication services.

About CAM GROUP, INC. [RTTE] f/k/a China Agriculture Media Group Co., Ltd.:

CAM Group is developing a comprehensive network of retail stores catering to the Chinese rural market. The stores are currently operating in Hebei Province under a state-owned system of subsidiaries controlled by the China Supply and Marketing Cooperative Association and the China National Agricultural Means of Production Group Corporation, which are directly owned by the Chinese central government. CAM Group and its strategic partner, the Hebei Agricultural Means of Production Co. Ltd., established a joint-venture to start its operation in 2011. Pursuant to the JV agreement, CAM Group has exclusive access to their retail network and is also authorized to manage and operate those stores.

As an innovative retail integration services company, CAM Group is carrying out the "Advertisement Plus Product" model throughout the rural market in Hebei, China. This program allows for direct and targeted marketing to rural consumers at the point of sale. We believe this model positively impacts consumer purchasing decisions, providing manufacturers and retailers with effective advertising spending among the rural consumer population. CAM Group endeavors to deliver the following value to our customers: (1) build and maintain consumer brand awareness and loyalty, (2) improve client sales and profitability, and (3) provide an outlet to deliver public service and welfare announcements through our advertising network.

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