Fugro-Jason Features Integrated Reservoir Characterization at SEG 2012

Technical sessions and theater presentations focus on technology for successful optimization

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Fugro-Jason, the leader in reservoir characterization technology for the oil and gas industry, will focus on the value of integrated seismic to simulation workflows at the 2012 SEG annual meeting in Las Vegas, held November 4-7. Presentations will show workflows for shale plays and other geological objectives, plus the latest in technology advancements. Highlights include a Malay Basin case study, which will demonstrate the power of seismic reservoir characterization in planning horizontal wells in sand reservoirs with thin oil columns. Fugro-Jason brings the most advanced reservoir characterization technology to geoscience and engineering desktops, helping customers manage their assets for maximum reservoir profitability.

“Our technology and workflow innovations enable more informed decisions for customers in optimizing their portfolio of reservoir opportunities,” said Eric Adams, Fugro-Jason Managing Director. “The integration of well data and seismic inversion with lithological, geomechanical and structural parameters enables a more detailed and accurate 3D model of the reservoir, improving the quality and reliability of the operator’s field development strategy.”

Fugro-Jason is a leader in reservoir characterization with its Jason™ and PowerLog® products, with new capabilities to help solve geoscience problems in a wide variety of environments. Jason provides critical integration of all available information into detailed, consistent reservoir models using powerful geostatistical reservoir characterization; wavelet estimation and well to seismic ties; and 2D and 3D seismic inversion. Fugro-Jason technology improves collaboration and reservoir surveillance, enabling asset teams to focus on maximizing their field’s potential.

SEG attendees are encouraged to visit stand #1945 for a schedule of daily presentations or to speak with Fugro-Jason’s team of geoscience professionals to learn how Jason technology adds value from seismic to simulation.

Technical Sessions and Poster Presentations

Oral Session, MS 1.2 – “Characterizing tight sand gas reservoirs using 3D3C seismic data in Sulige gas fields” – Monday, November 5, 1:55 PM.

Oral Session, SI 5.2 - “Assessment of porosity uncertainty of Mauddud formation, within the “flanks & saddle” parts of Raudhatain-Sabirriyah of North Kuwait using geostatistical inversion technique” – Wednesday, November 7, 8:55 AM.

Oral Session, SI 5.4 – “Integrated seismic inversion to predict thin fan delta sandstone and fluid: A feasibility study case in Junggar Basin, China” – Wednesday, November 7, 9:45 AM.

Oral Session, SS 4.5 – “Seismic inversion in the Barnett Shale successfully pinpoints sweet spots to optimize well-bore placement and reduce drilling risks” – Wednesday, November 7, 3:10 PM.

About Fugro-Jason

Fugro-Jason (www.fugro-jason.com) delivers innovative software products and services to help clients identify and produce hydrocarbon deposits by integrating information from the various geoscience disciplines. Fugro-Jason software applications make it possible to integrate geological, geophysical, geostatistical, petrophysical and rock physics information into a single consistent model of the earth. Applying Fugro-Jason’s technology through its software and consulting services substantially improves E&P investment return by adding invaluable reservoir model information to reduce the risks, costs and cycle-times associated with exploration, appraisal and field development and production. Fugro-Jason is an operating company of Fugro NV. Fugro was founded in 1962 and is listed on Euronext NV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Fugro has more than 13,500 staff and a permanent presence in more than 50 countries.

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