DRIASI Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Service Excellence to Insurance Industry

Third Party Administrator charts next 30 years with a nimble approach to new opportunities in North America and beyond.

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Direct Response Insurance Administrative Services, Inc. (DRIASI), marked its 30th anniversary on September 22 in its Chanhassen, MN office.

Since DRIASI opened its doors in 1982 with one client, the focus has been to respond to the needs of its customers, hire top quality staff, and utilize state of the art technology. Since its inception the Minnesota based firm has established itself as a premier third party administrator and now serves insurance companies and financial service companies around the world.

The expanding range of services provided by DRIASI has been instrumental to its 30 year success story. DRIASI has grown from providing policy administration to offering a much broader range of administrative services including policy administration, claims management, call center services, policy retention and identity breach resolution.

“DRIASI has thrived over the past 30 years by continually applying its strengths to new services,” explained DRIASI CEO Dick Votel. “Nimbleness, a strong work ethic, and an innovative team have made it a formula for excellence.”

“We’re excited about the next 30 years as our transnational strategy unfolds and brings the same energy and guiding principles to new clients beyond the shores of North America. We are eager and proud to continue to provide our North American clients with the high level of service they have come to expect from DRIASI,” continued Votel.

DRIASI is a leading global provider of end-to-end administrative services for over 60 insurance companies and 575 financial services, healthcare and education companies that include some of the worlds largest and most trusted names.

Ron Clarke, 763-516-4787
Sr. VP Business Development

Source: DRIASI