NHN Japan's 'LINE' User Number Exceeds 70 Million

TOKYO, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- NHN Japan Corporation announced on October 25 that its popular free-calling and free-messaging app 'LINE' continued to grow at an impressive rate as the number of its registered users exceeded 70 million* worldwide. The company also reported a steady growth of their other LINE-related services, stating that its focus was now on accelerating its overseas marketing strategy.

- Graph showing registered user numbers

As a smartphone app used in over 230 countries and regions worldwide, LINE allows its users to enjoy free calls and messages to one another, both nationally and internationally, regardless of which mobile network provider they are using. Even after exceeding the 60 million mark last month on September 8, the user number has been growing at a staggering rate of 5 million every 3 weeks.

This result is most probably related to NHN Japan's ongoing efforts to promote LINE with leading companies all throughout Asia. In Taiwan, NHN Japan launched special events with FamilyMart Co., Ltd. (a chain of convenience stores) and gave away novelty items featuring LINE's sticker characters, as well as launching television commercials within Taiwan. NHN Japan has also been working with Thailand's leading food manufacturer CPF since October 9, and with Thai Airways International since October 16, opening Thailand's first LINE Official Account together with sponsored stickers.

Other LINE-related services have also been showing a steady rate of growth. The first app released by 'LINE Game' -- 'LINE Birzzle', has reached the number 1 spot in the Free Apps category at app stores in 8 countries and regions, including Japan, Taiwan and Thailand since its release on July 4 this year and, as of October 9, exceeded the 10 million-download mark.

With their target of achieving 100 million users within 2012, NHN Japan has confirmed that it will continue to work together with its domestic and international partners, as well as continuing its promotional activities of LINE overseas in North America and China, and increasing the content available to users on the LINE platform.

* Total download figures are for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry App, Windows Phones and Feature Phones combined.

About NHN Japan Corporation
NHN Japan is the local affiliate of Korea's premier Internet company, NHN Corporation. NHN Japan is headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo, with Akira Morikawa as CEO.

About LINE (http://line.naver.jp/en/)
LINE is a free-calling and free-messaging app, operated and owned by NHN Japan Corporation.

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