Metaforic Announces Partnership With Appthority to Reduce Mobile App Risks and Enhance Security

Security industry pioneers combine self-defending software with mobile app risk management platform for comprehensive mobile app protection

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Software security provider Metaforic today announced a technology partnership with Appthority, a leading provider of Mobile App Risk Management, to provide developers with fully inclusive mobile application protection. The two mobile security pioneers will combine Metaforic’s anti-tamper software security protection that immunizes applications against hackers with Appthority’s application risk management platform to enhance mobile security.

Metaforic technology enables software creators the ability to automatically infuse an immune system into their applications that allows the app to defend itself against hackers, targeted malware and insider betrayal. Metaforic is currently available for developers of Apple and Android apps, along with traditional operating systems such as Linux, Windows and Mac.

“The tremendous growth in the mobile app economy is attracting cyber criminals with the potential to disrupt operations, siphon away revenues and harm the brand,” said Andrew McLennan, Metaforic CSO. “Our partnership with Appthority helps businesses and mobile application providers prevent security breaches and potentially devastating losses and liability. Together, we will create a safer mobile environment for businesses.”

The Appthority Platform is a cloud-based solution that examines risky app behavior, helping organizations protect themselves while enabling employees to bring their own devices to work. Appthority helps defend organizations from security risks and vulnerabilities, privacy issues, and intellectual property and data exfiltration.

“Risky app behavior hurts everyone – the consumer, the developer and the app store on which the app is sold,” said Anthony Bettini, Appthority CEO. “The Metaforic/Appthority partnership provides developers with a ‘true mark of security’ and the assurance that their app is devoid of security threats including malware throughout its entire lifecycle.”

With mobile threats becoming more prevalent, there is a need for multifaceted app security that can both detect and defend against attacks. Metaforic and Appthority will work together to help make both consumer and enterprise mobile apps safe from malicious attacks.

About Metaforic

Metaforic is a leading provider of software security. Its flagship software immune system protects virtually any software from subversion, theft, repackaging or other corruption, and has been proven in millions of deployed instances, from consumer devices to enterprise software. Only software protected by Metaforic earns the Mark of Security . Further information is available at

Metaforic, the Metaforic logo and The Mark of Security are trademarks or registered trademarks of Metaforic Ltd., and its affiliated companies in the United States and other countries.

About Appthority

Appthority helps the enterprise identify and manage the risks hidden in mobile apps. The cloud-based Appthority Platform™ automatically identifies and grades risky behavior in mobile apps including known and unknown malware, new malware used in targeted attacks, corporate data exfiltration and intellectual property exposure. For more information on Appthority visit

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