Beverage Testing Institute Announces Results Of The 2012 World Value Wine Challenge - The Nation's Most Comprehensive Competition For Wines Priced Under $20

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The Beverage Testing Institute’s (BTI) 12th annual World Value Wine Challenge (WVWC) is a competition where hundreds of affordably priced wines competed against their peers to gain accolades. All wines priced $20 and under from around the globe were welcome to participate. Winners included:

  • Backhouse 2011 Pinot Grigio, $7 - '2012 Best White Wine under $8'
  • Rex Goliath "Free Range Red”, $7.50 - '2012 Best Red Wine under $8'
  • Salmon Run 2010 Chardonnay, $9.99 - '2012 Best White Wine under $10'
  • Boca Fina 2010 Bloc O, $8.99 - '2012 Best Red Wine under $10'
  • Knapp 2011 Vignoles, $10.95 - '2012 Best White Wine under $15'
  • Harbor Town 2009 Pinot Noir, $14.99 - '2012 Best Red Wine under $15'
  • John Robert Eppler 2010 Chardonnay, $19 - '2012 Best White Wine under $20'
  • Journey's End 2008 Merlot, $18.99 - '2012 Best Red Wine under $20'
  • Maryhill 2011 Rosé of Sangiovese, $9.95 - '2012 Best Rosé Wine under $10'
  • D.H. Lescombes "Imperial Kir", $14, - '2012 Best Sparkling Wine under $15'
  • Salt of the Earth 2011 Flore de Moscato, $9.99 - '2012 Best Dessert Wine'
  • Bota Box 2011 "RedVolution", $19.99/3L - '2012 Best 3L Cask Red Wine'

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According to BTI’s Director Jerald O'Kennard, "The huge range of wines tasted by BTI in the WVWC provides an excellent snapshot of quality within the price categories where most purchases take place." He adds, "The global modernization of winemaking techniques has resulted in a noticeable increase in the overall quality-to-price ratio of inexpensive wines. But important differences still exist. That is the reason for our value-based competition: to help make it easier for consumers to find the best tasting wines at the best price.”

The State of Value Wines Today

Thanks to the economy, the budget wine field is more crowded than ever. With nearly all major price points under $20 experiencing growth, brand owners continue to seek a competitive advantage to differentiate their product. According to Ron Montonera, BTI's Marketing Director, "The power of distribution, creative packaging and deep programming dollars will secure floor displays and shelf space, but today's curious and well-informed consumer looks beyond the obvious to narrow their choices. Savvy marketers understand that providing information at the point of sale is a powerful marketing tool and that price and perceived quality are key factors in a consumer’s decision to buy."

So how can brand owners convey a message of quality? Enter the rating system. The 100-point scale continues to be the most widely accepted measure of quality in the US wine market. Scores and medal references create a starting point for consumers to assess their choices. Clever verbiage on wine shelf talkers, case cards and neck tags complete the information circle that Montonera refers to as the brand's "silent salesperson". While the true psychology of consumer purchasing behavior remains an inexact science, there is no question that consumers face a multitude of choices. It's up to the brand owner to employ several marketing tactics to convince consumers to choose in their brand.

BTI’s World Value Wine Challenge continues to be an important resource for both brand owners and consumers of value-oriented wines.

About Beverage Testing Institute

BTI has been providing marketing services for the alcoholic beverage industry for over 30 years. BTI's proprietary tasting methodology incorporates 100-point scale scores and consumer friendly tasting notes. Each month, trade buyers review specific categories of domestic and international wines, beers, and spirits in blind tastings. Results are posted to BTI's free high-traffic website In addition to independent review services, BTI provides brand owners point of sale support such as shelf talkers and logos with corresponding medal accolades to reinforce their quality messages to consumers. Because review schedules do not always coincide with launch calendars, BTI offers options to submit wines, beers, and spirits for out-of-schedule reviews.

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