Newspaper Editorials Agree: Prop 33 Makes Roads More Dangerous

By Consumer Federation of California

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- 35 daily newspaper editorial boards urge readers to vote NO on Proposition 33, an automobile insurance rate hike scheme funded by George Joseph, billionaire owner of Mercury Insurance.

Editorial boards warn that Proposition 33 would make our roads more dangerous. Its unfair rate hikes on millions of Californians will price many drivers out of the insurance market. The result: more people will drive uninsured, which raises the cost of uninsured motorist coverage for the rest of us.

Excerpts from No on Prop 33 editorials:

Sacramento Bee: "We should not change state law in a way that would discourage motorists from buying insurance. Nor should we encourage them to drive uninsured, which costs all of us."

Los Angeles Times: "The increase would prompt more drivers of limited means to take to the road without insurance, probably raising the cost of uninsured motorist coverage for everyone else."

San Francisco Chronicle: "California's compelling public-policy interest is to make sure that drivers are insured. Keeping rates affordable advances that goal. Vote no on 33."

Stockton Record: "To give the discount promised by Proposition 33 to some customers, companies would have to increase rates for other drivers. That likely will keep more drivers from buying any insurance. And guess who then pays? You do, through higher rates."

La Opinion (Los Angeles): "It troubles us that it will increase the cost of insurance for the most financially vulnerable and that the initiative's final impact will be more uninsured drivers on the road."

Ventura County Star: "Any proposal that would tend to increase the number of uninsured drivers is a bad move. It's a threat to everyone on the road, including conscientious drivers."

Santa Rosa Press Democrat: "Steep prices may prompt some of these people to drive without insurance, which is a hazard to responsible motorists. In turn, that would almost certainly drive up rates for uninsured motorist coverage."

Santa Maria Times: "If the auto insurance industry wants to guarantee that more and more drivers simply choose to drive without insurance protection, thus endangering other citizens, this is one sure way to do it."

Consumer Federation of California Executive Director Richard Holober commented:

"The verdict is in. 35 separate newspaper editorials demolish the claim that Proposition 33 cuts insurance costs. Millions of motorists will pay more and our roads will be less safe, all to enrich one billionaire insurance tycoon."

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SOURCE Consumer Federation of California