Positively Balanced LLC, a New Colorado-based Company, Launches Its Life and Fitness Planner for 2013

EVERGREEN, Colo., Oct. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Positively Balanced LLC is pleased to announce the official launch of the company and their 2013 Positively Balanced Life and Fitness Planner. The company's mission is to inspire women to live life with a positive attitude and to create balance within it. "I wanted to start a business where I could tap into my passion for fitness and also develop products and tools that encourage and support all women in feeling positive, being healthy and finding balance with all that has to be accomplished on a daily basis," states Beth Malecki, founder and president of Positively Balanced LLC. "It's been incredibly exciting to develop this planner, which is health and fitness focused, but also provides a place where women can keep all of the important pieces of information they need to have access to. We designed it to be useful, but we also hope women will find it to be fashionable, inspiring and fun!"

The 2013 Life and Fitness Planner provides tools to help women organize their schedules, set fitness goals and keep on-track with daily exercise, plan and manage their budgets and set personal goals. It includes motivating tips from a "fit and fabulous" character, Beth, and reward stickers that can be used to tell yourself you've done a great job throughout the week.

In addition to the life and fitness planner, Malecki has focused PositivelyBalancedLife.com as a place where women can take part in a social, interactive community that encourages, supports, motivates and inspires women on their life journeys. For the launch, the PB Community includes the Get Motivated Blog, as well as links to social media; however, future plans will expand the opportunities for women to share and dialogue on a bigger level on the company's website.

For more information about the company or to purchase products, visit PositivelyBalancedLife.com.

About Positively Balanced LLC
Positively Balanced LLC, based in Evergreen, Colorado, focuses on providing tools to help women balance all of life's responsibilities, while being proactive with their health and making daily exercise and good nutrition a priority. The company's first product is the Positively Balanced Life and Fitness Planner. Company founder and president, Beth Malecki's mission for the company is to inspire women to live life with a positive attitude and create balance within it. Learn more at PositivelyBalancedLife.com or call 1.888.LivinPB (1.888.548.4672).

SOURCE Positively Balanced LLC