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2012-10-22 [Source: Ambow Education]

Guizhou Huang, CEO of Ambow Education Make a Speech at Peking University Entrepreneurship Forum

October 18, 2012, Guizhou Huang, the CEO of Ambow Education was invited to the Entrepreneurship Forum at Peking University. As a temporary business mentor, Guizhou Huang made a speech with his years of experience and won the applause from the students.

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2012-10-22 [Source: Haier]

All View Consulting (AVC) Data: Haier Washing Machines is the First Choice of Forty Percent of Consumers

According to the latest statistics from All View Consulting (AVC) for China's washing machine market, Haier occupies as a top spot by 38.0% of the retail volume share, 2.7 times ahead of the second place.

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2012-10-23 [Source: Fujitong Elevator]

Shenzhen Fujitong Elevator: The Quality Standard of Elevator

The eligibility of elevator will reference to the key indicators of elevator: 1. The main parameters of the elevator: rated speed and rated load. 2. The soundness of the elevator's eight systems. The professionals will base the elevator strict requirements and indicators to determination. Professionals will determine the eligibility of the elevator under the rigid requirements and indicators of the elevator.

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2012-10-23 [Source: Chengchen Immigration]

Antigua Project Global Conference Will be Held in Dubai Next Month

The oversea strategic partner of Chengchen Immigration will be launched the immigration project of Antigua which is organized by Antigua government. This global conference will be held in Dubai in the middle of next month. Chengchen Immigration announces that it begins to accept the investors' registration appointment in China.

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2012-10-24 [Source: Metro-education]

The Preview-Lecture of Lixin USA Certified Management Accountant

November 3, 2012, Lixin CMA (Certified Management Accountant) free preview-lecture of Strategic Management Accounting will be carried out at Xuhui Campus of Shanghai Lixin University. Ms. Cao Yang will give the trial lecture about how to create value for the enterprise financial management.

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2012-10-24 [Source: Worldcape]

The Distribution Conference of Worldcape 2013 Q2 New Product

October 18-21 2012, the distribution conference of 2013 Q2 Hongxing Worldcape which is the brand of sport utility equipment and the tourism partner of Sina has a grand opening in Hefei, Anhui province. The business partners of Worldcape came from across the country to attend the conference and prospected the future development.

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2012-10-25 [Source: Can-reach Pacific]

U.S. Investment Immigration Program Gets Grand Opening in October

The project of U.S. investment immigration finally extends for 3 years until September 30, 2015 with the confirmation of U.S. President Barack Obama's signature. The immigration industry leader of Can-reach Pacific will hold a conference of U.S. investment immigration on Oct. 26th.

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2012-10-25 [Source: NVC-lighting]

Wu Changjiang, the CEO of NVC-lighting to Participate in China CEO Conference

"2012 (Sixth) China CEO Conference" was held in Beijing in October 2012. In the conference themed 'Changes in Business Opportunity- New Cycle of the Leading Way', Wu Changjiang, CEO of NVC-lighting made a speech to stress the social responsibility and common interests of companies.

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2012-10-26 [Source: Seegle]

Seegle: Cloud Conference to Strengthen the Data Protection and Information Security

Seegle ( is the first to introduce "cloud computing" into the cloud conference system. With a more comprehensive function, better network adaptability and strong protection ability on the information and data, Seegle becomes the long-term cooperation partner of more than 80000 domestic and international customers.

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2012-10-26 [Source: Far East Group]

Far East Group: Twenty Years Development Casting a Brand Reputation

As the well-known brand in cable industry, Far East Group was founded in 1990 in Jiangsu, Yixing. It covers the industries in cable, medicine, real estate, biochemical and investment after five successful restructuring. Far East has an leading visibility and reputation in industry and also recognized by the majority of the audience for its influence and social image.

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