BluFi Lending Introduces Customized Customer Service Training For All Employees Company-wide

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- BluFi Lending, a direct lender for home loans, has established its own branded customer service training program and has completed training for all employees. The program, "The Right Attitude Makes a Difference," focuses on key topics that impact the customer experience such as patience, phone etiquette, attitude and listening skills.


BluFi has had record growth in the last few months, and company executives recognized the importance of thorough training for their expanding workforce to maintain BluFi's reputation for providing exceptional customer service and transparent responsible lending. More than 100 employees across BluFi's multiple branches received the advanced training.

The new program guides employees in the "BluFi Way" of doing business and building positive customer relationships, and it is now part of the new hire development process.

To augment BluFi's own training program, company managers also provided human resources (HR) training and department-specific training for IT, compliance and sales departments.

HR training was based on the frontline leadership training programs from AchieveGlobal (formerly Zenger Miller) and was focused on internal audience topics such as getting ideas across, coaching for optimal performance and giving constructive feedback.

As a fully-electronic lender, BluFi Lending employees are routinely trained in the latest technology enhancements. IT training focused on systems that will improve workflow and enhance the customer experience.

Compliance department employees received specialized training to ensure BluFi customers continue to receive the most accurate and compliant information and documentation.

Sales staff received training on identifying the right home loans for borrowers and helping borrowers through the loan process.

"We believe so strongly in the importance of exceptional customer service that we created our own training program and combined it with some of the best employee training programs available today," said John Lee, BluFi Lending president and CEO. "Our program focuses on the three pillars of building positive customer relationships: patience, attitude, and listening skills. Our goal is simple – equip BluFi employees with the tools they need to provide the best home loan experience for our clients."

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About BluFi Lending
BluFi Lending, based in Carlsbad, California, is one of the fastest growing direct lenders in California. For homeowners looking for a home loan for purchase, or to save money with a home loan refinance, BluFi provides a refreshingly different approach to getting a loan through its efficient paperless process and transparent, responsible lending practices. BluFi works with real estate professionals and borrowers to close most home loans within 21 days of a completed application. As a direct lender, BluFi supports the local community and consistently provides competitive rates and fees to save homeowners money by providing immediate pre-approvals over the phone or in person with a licensed Mortgage Banker. BluFi makes the home loan process fast and stress-free. Visit or call 800-644-7779.

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