New Website Allows Frustrated Americans to Try Their Hand at Balancing the U.S. Budget

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- All Americans now have the opportunity to balance the U.S. budget in minutes, all from the convenience of their laptops., a free, non-partisan tool, lets users adjust spending in the nation's budget through an interactive pie chart.

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Users are able to see a current snapshot of U.S. spending in Social Security, Health Programs, Domestic Programs, Defense Spending, Education, Interest on Debt, Income Security and more. All information comes directly from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Clicking a 'Budget Adjuster' button allows users to make changes to spending and see in real-time how these decisions affect the deficit.

The second step in the web tool gives users a chance to select the budget proposals they like most in an effort to balance the national budget by 2021. Users can see the impact of their changes on the current U.S. budget, as well as on the long term 10-year-outlook.

Finally, users can search for their representatives by zip code and send their budget recommendations to them — giving a voice to the people in an easy, efficient and fun manner. The application allows users to see and easily understand the U.S. budget. literally places fiscal power into the hands of Americans — no cumbersome letter writing, no vague petitions, no time-consuming surveys.

The web tool was designed by a group of young people committed to engaging the citizens of the United States with their government. Over a pizza last year, the 20-somethings discussed that the federal budget was extremely complicated, and that there ought to be an easier way to understand it. Instead of simply complaining about the issue, they created a solution — building in the evenings and weekends after their 9 to 5 jobs.

"The tool is free, easy-to use, and helps fulfill the dream our founding fathers once had — giving a direct line from our citizens to their elected representatives," says Drew Brown, a company spokesperson.

About Budget Control Inc.:

Budget Control is a non-affiliated, non-partisan company that provides tools to help simplify the U.S. budget and political landscape. The company's mission is to offer the American people simple and clear information about the problems and challenges that face the nation. Budget Control works diligently to give people the tools they need to make sound and informed decisions on how they want the government to be run.

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