TexasTumbleweedDepot.com Opens Online Store Catering to Motorcyclists and Enthusiasts

SWEENY, Texas, Oct. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas-based Internet Retailer, Texas Tumbleweed Depot LLC, today announced the opening of its new online store at www.TexasTumbleweedDepot.com, selling a vast array of motorcyclist products and apparel.

Product categories found at TexasTumbleweedDepot.com include but are not limited to: face masks, head gear, leather gloves, leather jackets, mens vests, belts, novelty helmets, rain suits, saddlebags, sissy bar bags, tank covers, and vest extenders.

TexasTumbleweedDepot.com also offers select children's apparel and will continue to add to its inventory as the Company grows. The majority of products found on the site demonstrate TexasTumbleweedDepot.com's commitment to delivering high quality biker protection.

Many jackets include heavy padding on the elbow, spine, and shoulder regions and gloves are generally made of leather and include some type of knuckle protection, although owner of TexasTumbleweedDepot.com, Gayla Oaks, advises, "Motorcycle apparel is becoming more and more popular, especially within the non-riding communities. From leather motorcycle jackets to riding boots, we're seeing quite a bit of motorcycle-inspired trends in this season's fashion forecast."

With the holidays quickly approaching, TexasTumbleweedDepot.com is promoting its convenience through inexpensive and fast order processing. All items purchased can be shipped anywhere within the United States via Fedex/UPS/Postal Service and the website accepts all major credit cards.

The site will soon launch a blog within its platform that discusses new products, motorcycle safety, and various riding topics.

To learn more about this new online motorcycle shop, visit www.TexasTumbleweedDepot.com.

URL: www.TexasTumbleweedDepot.com

SOURCE Texas Tumbleweed Depot LLC