FastPencil PREMIERE Launches First Title "Fair Play" in New "Big Little Critter" Series by Mercer Mayer

CAMPBELL, Calif., Oct. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today FastPencil announced the launch of "Fair Play," the first title in the new "Big Little Critter" five-book series, written by best-selling and renowned author and illustrator Mercer Mayer and his wife, Gina Mayer. "Fair Play" carries the highly selective FastPencil PREMIERE imprint reserved for best-selling authors.

"Even after many decades of writing and illustrating children's books, I still get new ideas for Little Critter adventures every day," said author Mercer Mayer. "I'm always doodling and writing new storylines, and it has been a pleasure to work with FastPencil to publish my content. I know my dedicated fans and new readers will enjoy following Little Critter as he learns about playing nice in the series' first title, 'Fair Play.'"

The "Big Little Critter" book series provides a wonderful library for children, parents and teachers to use, enjoy, discuss, laugh about, learn from and be entertained for countless hours. The series will cover areas of behavior, character building and life lessons in humorous, entertaining and comforting ways only the world-famous and best-selling Little Critter character could share and emulate.

"Fair Play" kicks off the "Big Little Critter" series and features four entertaining stories about fair play including "I Didn't Know That," "That's Not Fair," "Just a Little Different" and "The School Play." The book uses words and phrases to help children develop reading abilities. As in previous books, the internationally acclaimed Little Critter character is the center of attention and action.

The second book, "Helping Out," features stories about lending a hand including "I'm Sorry," "Just Say Please," "Just Leave Me Alone" and "Just a Gum Wrapper." The book will be available in November.

"My Family" will be available in January 2013 and features stories about family balance including "It's Mine," "Just Like Dad," "Just Too Little" and "I Didn't Mean To."

The remaining "Big Little Critter" books "On the Go" and "Staying Well" will roll out later in 2013.

Mayer started writing and illustrating books in 1966. His legendary books and quintessential characters are classic favorites of families across the world and address timeless subjects every child experiences such as being scared of thunderstorms or visiting the dentist. While his books provide great lessons, Mayer always finds a way to insert his gentle humor into each book to show how the adorable critter and monster characters deal with common issues providing wonderful child development and socialization skills support.

"Mercer Mayer is one of the most prolific, talented and admired children's book authors and illustrators out there with a career that spans generations," said Steve Wilson, FastPencil co-founder and CEO. "He has published more than 300 titles and we are thrilled that he selected FastPencil to bring his new content to print. 'Fair Play' and the entire 'Big Little Critter' series are sure to warm the hearts of both children and parents alike."

Mayer is part of an illustrious number of best-selling authors who have signed with FastPencil PREMIERE for its proprietary partnerships in technology and distribution, speed to press, wider market reach, higher author royalties and greater transparency throughout the publishing process.

Pricing and Availability
"Fair Play" is available today in hardcover for $16.95 through the FastPencil PREMIERE Marketplace,, major book chains and distributors and in ebook for $4.99 through major e-retailers.

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