XPAND LOCAL Online Advertising with Local Awareness

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- XPAND LOCAL launched the Beta version of the UK’s first Local Online Advertising Network today. Their unique technology enables SMEs and National Chains to advertise their products or services Online via Display Advertising on some of the UK’s biggest and most recognised websites.

For years people have been saying that the internet is killing the highstreet, and that small and medium businesses don’t stand a chance when up against the corporate giants. But times are changing and the UK is looking locally, so now is the perfect time for small businesses to invest in online advertising. It has never been so accessible to SMEs and local business owners will see the cost effectiveness and ROI straight away. With Xpand Local, SMEs can target potential customers who are local and relevant to their businesses and campaigns can be retargeted and adjusted based on tracking their effectiveness.

Laura Bowen from Xpand comments:

“SMEs know their potential customers are in their local area, and so have traditionally spent their marketing budgets on local newspaper advertising. The death of local newspapers has long been predicted. Some businesses feel putting an ad in the local ‘rag’ has become about as effective as buying a page in the Parish magazine for £50, but they don’t know where else to turn. At Xpand Local we really want to educate SME’s and show them how easy it is to transfer that ad spend to online, giving them measurable results.”

With Xpand’s new platform, for the first time in the UK, SMEs can really compete with the larger national brands, with access to affordable, targeted, online advertising. Xpand buy huge amounts of inventory on the UK’s top sites. Customers can then purchase one of Xpand’s affordable packages, giving them access to that inventory, and could see their advert appear alongside those of the country’s biggest brands!

Xpand have created an automated solution that provides access to their extensive network of sites from one unified platform. With advanced geographical, behavioural and contextual targeting SMEs can pinpoint their campaign’s exact audience. Xpand’s retargeting and data reporting can also be used to constantly drive performance.

Xpand will help to catapult SMEs into the future of local advertising. It’s cost effective, simple to use and will give unrivalled and measurable results.

Xpand Local
Laura Bowen
E: enquiries@xpandlocal.co.uk
T: 0845-301-0604