French women are Europe’s most selective in online flirting; Brits, Germans next: study

Czech, Dutch, Swiss women are Europe’s most approachable: study of female response rates to male online advances

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- French women are not only the world’s most chic and sophisticated but they are also, finds a new study, the European women that it’s hardest for men to engagein onlineconversation.

They are, in short, more hard-to-get than the seductive new "Bond girl" played by French actress Berenice Marlohe in the latest 007 movie as a troubled femme fatale who lures Bond into her arms. These are the findings of a study by, the world’s largest social networking site for meeting new people, with 164 million users.

Badoo’s statisticians measured female response rates to male advances, using data from 147 million online interactions on Badoo across 180 countries.

They found that French women were Europe’s hardest to involve in an online chat, with British women second hardest and Germans third. Czech women were the most likely to respond to male attention, followed by Dutch and Swiss ones.

“French women are clearly getting lots of male attention on Badoo”, says Louise Thompson, Director of PR for Badoo, a site for flirting, dating and chatting. “They can choose when to respond.”

France may be the country that gave the world Paris, “City of Love”, but it also gave us Gallic cool and Gallic indifference. French women are using plenty of both when approached by French men online.

So, do men in France have to try harder?

Yes, answers Helena Frith Powell, British author of a new book, “Love In A Warm Climate – A Novel About The French Art of Love”. They also need to flirt harder: “An English male friend of mine went to work in a bank in France”, she says. “And he was instructed to flirt more with his female colleagues. They wanted to know why he didn’t flirt with them.”

Badoo statisticians also divided the globe into nine major regions. Despite the coolness of French women, Badoo found that European women as a whole were actually the world’s most approachable online.

Europe’s Hardest Women To Attract

1 France
2 UK
3 Germany
4 Spain
5= Italy
5= Portugal
5= Poland
8 Switzerland
9 Netherlands
10 Czech

Thomas Large

Source: Badoo