MACH Offers ‘Real-Time’ Revenue Leakage Detection For Network Operators

CashBack Revenue Assurance solution reduces exposure for operators, dramatically enhances customer experience

Unique in-memory computing technology enables real-time revenue checks

LUXEMBOURG--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- MACH, the leading provider of cloud-based managed communication services, today revealed that telecom operators worldwide are increasingly looking for revenue assurance solutions that offer real-time leakage detection to correct errors and reduce losses. The move to all-IP networks has led to real-time billing and rating driving a need for online revenue assurance solutions that also offer real-time protection, reduce exposure for operators and enhance customer experience.

Revenue leakage from billing inaccuracies continues to cause problems for telecom operators worldwide. Analysis Mason estimates typical total operator revenue leakage of between 5% to 15% of total network operator revenue. While according to KPMG , 94% of global telecoms operators believe that leakage will increase in the coming years, with 49% describing that increase as ’significant’. Meanwhile, the volume and complexity of new services and network technologies creates the need for an immediate, accurate and efficient revenue assurance system.

Rasmus Holst, Senior Vice President, Market Offerings, MACH, commented: “Telecoms operators universally acknowledge that revenue assurance is a time game. The more potential leaks can be detected in real-time, the more money that can be saved. In-memory computing and analytics provide a massive advantage in terms of speed. These techniques also allow quick response to ‘what if?’ queries, meaning analysts can predict potential revenue leakage situations and receive not just the possible loss outcome, but also information about how to respond to a particular case. With immediate results to queries and pro-active pattern matching, this approach contrasts very favourably with conventional reporting tools, which might require recalculations or even database updates.”

“If Big Data queries can only be performed on static data, then this misses much of the potential associated with Big Data analysis,” Holst added. “Increasingly operators need to be able to combine data with real-time analytics, requiring formidable data analysis techniques and the tools to consolidate and manage their data more effectively. Detecting revenue leakage becomes a challenge for traditional revenue assurance models, as the solution needs to be able to detect and react at the same time. Not only are operators now turning to revenue assurance solutions with a large data-handling capability, they also require the architecture to be able to analyse it straight away.”

MACH’s CashBack Revenue Assurance solution uses unique in-memory computing technology for ‘Big Data’ analysis, providing fast insights and rapid predictive analysis. By accessing data in Random Access Memory (RAM) rather than on traditional disk, user requests are able to interact with data which is already loaded into system memory, streamlining the process and providing a quicker, more efficient experience.

Part of its M Protect portfolio, MACH’s CashBack solution manages data input through normalization, validation, reconciliation and reporting for end-to-end revenue assurance. Using in-memory analysis techniques it provides a powerful information management capability, that helps define and compare previous data patterns and reinforces the validity of other information management techniques to pro-actively identify potential revenue leakage and sub-optimal revenue chain processes. The cloud-based managed service ensures rapid implementation, providing enhanced performance capabilities and decreasing time to market.


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