Courtagen Releases epiSEEK™ World’s Most Comprehensive, Rapid, Next Generation Clinical Sequencing Test Targeting 327 Genes Associated with Epilepsy Phenotypes

WOBURN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc. today announced the expansion of their molecular diagnostics menu. The new genetic test, epiSEEK™, provides the complete sequence of 327 genes that have been reported in association with epilepsy phenotypes and nonspecific seizure disorders.

Courtagen’s epiSEEK™ test expands their current molecular diagnostics menu, which includes tests for mitochondrial disease.

The epiSEEK™ test is conducted at Courtagen Diagnostics Laboratory, a CLIA certified clinical laboratory, and test results will be delivered to clinicians within weeks, much faster than the typical industry standard delivery time of several months.

“Launching this assay is one more step in building a world class clinical sequencing facility using next-generation sequencing," said Brian McKernan, CEO of Courtagen. "The epiSEEK™ assay is the most comprehensive test on the market, and results include an interpretation in language that physicians understand and can use for the real benefit of their patients.”

Courtagen’s tests are highly sensitive, accurate, and efficient, and address the significant need for a quicker, non-invasive, and more reliable diagnostic tool for this patient population.

Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder with a highly heterogeneous background that often prevents definitive diagnosis. Epilepsy has a strong genetic contribution, with an underlying genetic predisposition for approximately fifty percent of affected people. Knowing the genetic basis of a patient’s epilepsy is valuable for obtaining a definitive diagnosis, for estimating prognosis, and for determining recurrence risks. In many cases, the precise genetic defect is important in the therapy given, and at times this knowledge results in substantial improvements in patient outcome.

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