blu eCigs Takes On Beach Butts: Great American Butt Clean On Saturday, November 3

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- blu eCigs today announced it has teamed up with Keep New Hanover County Beautiful and InnovaGreen Systems for the second annual Great American Butt Clean(SM) event taking place on the coastline in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina on Saturday, November 3. Flicking a butt is kicking our environment's butt because every year, discarded cigarette butts litter our parks, sidewalks, public streets, neighborhoods and more. From 11 AM-1 PM on Saturday, blu eCigs along with volunteers from New Hanover County will meet at Johnnie Mercer's Pier to collect and dispose of thousands of cigarette butts in an effort to clean up the coastline in Wrightsville Beach.

"We are happy to offer our support and donate supplies for this event that encourages cleaning up our beaches and community," said Jennifer O'Keefe, director of Keep New Hanover County Beautiful.

Keep New Hanover County Beautiful is a certified affiliate of the nation's largest community improvement network, Keep America Beautiful. The New Hanover County chapter has been working with citizens to take action to keep the community beautiful and to educate citizens on waste reduction, littering and recycling since 1978.

"It is unacceptable to toss your garbage out the car window or even drop a candy wrapper on the sidewalk, so it shouldn't be acceptable to do the same on our beaches. I think if communities pitch in, and events like the Butt Clean are created, it avoids governmental intervention resulting in regulations that restrict our freedoms," commented Jason Healy, president of blu eCigs, "blu is proud to be part of the Great American Butt Clean for its second annual event. We are excited to be able to help spread the word and, more importantly, clean up our beaches."

Cigarette butts take 5 to 30 years to break down. That is why the Great American Butt Clean works with InnovaGreen Systems, a company with a patented solution for cigarette butt recycling, to ensure that the butts cleaned up on November 3 won't ever hit a landfill but instead will be recycled into useful materials.

"InnovaGreen Systems is very pleased to be a part of this clean-up for the second consecutive year. This year, the cigarette butt litter will be sent for recycling to one of our affiliate partners, Responsible Smokers Act, so as to minimize smokers' carbon footprint," says Blake Burich, Founder of InnovaGreen Systems, "Please do your part every day to increase awareness and assist in creating convenience, so this litter can be removed from the waters of America and be recycled."

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