Transamerica Adds Four Mutual Funds to Growing Lineup

DENVER, Oct. 31, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Furthering its commitment to offering an investments lineup of solutions for all market conditions, Transamerica announced the launch of four innovative mutual funds to its retail lineup today.

The four additions are Transamerica Tactical Allocation, Transamerica Tactical Rotation, Transamerica Income & Growth, and Transamerica Enhanced Muni.

The two tactical portfolios, Transamerica Tactical Allocation and Transamerica Tactical Rotation, build off the success of the Transamerica Tactical Income fund, which has raised more than $600 million since its launch one year ago. Altogether, this comprehensive suite offers three actively managed strategies designed to help capture upside opportunity, while also helping to manage downside market risk.

Dave Paulsen, Chief Executive Officer of Transamerica Capital, Inc., said the new funds stem from investor requests for portfolios that address the challenges of today's environment.

"We've listened to advisors and clients who say they need investments that are more in tune with today's market challenges," Paulsen said. "Solutions that are diversified, and offer downside protection strategies along with the potential for growth, help give investors the confidence to stay invested through volatile markets."

The funds, sub-advised by AEGON USA Investment Management, LLC (AUIM), are designed to provide:

  • Downside protection through active management, by tactically entering or exiting the market based on expected risk
  • Disciplined quantitative process and execution that removes manager emotion and bias through econometric-based models
  • Exposure to multiple asset classes and geographies, creating sophisticated global diversification in a continually adapting portfolio

Transamerica Tactical Allocation (TTAAX, TTACX, TTAIX) may be appropriate for investors who are looking for a more active allocation fund with inflation protection, and exposure to international and emerging markets.

Transamerica Tactical Rotation (ATTRX, CTTRX, ITTOX) may be appropriate for investors who are looking for an opportunistic global equity fund with high equity upside potential through rotating tactically between U.S. sectors and international countries.

In addition, the launch of the Transamerica Income & Growth, sub-advised by Ranger International Management, L.P., is designed to address investors' need for meaningful income in environments where market fluctuation is high, and rates of traditional fixed-income securities are low. Its strategy is to invest primarily in global high-yielding equities with consistent dividends that increase the potential for current income and capital appreciation.

Transamerica Income & Growth (TAIGX, TCIGX, TIIGX) may be appropriate for investors who are looking for both income and growth opportunities, and the potential for increased global diversification, within one fund.

The fourth fund to launch today is the Transamerica Enhanced Muni fund, sub-advised by Belle Haven Investments, L.P. which is designed to address investors' need for a reliable source of tax-exempt income.

Transamerica Enhanced Muni (TAMUX, TCMUX, TIMUX) may be appropriate for investors who are attempting to diversify their portfolios through stable return opportunities, looking for additional tax benefits, and seeking lower correlated strategies to help decrease overall portfolio volatility.

The funds will be available to retail and institutional investors through class A, C and I shares. Transamerica Capital, Inc., will lead the sales and distribution efforts within the financial institution, wirehouse and independent financial planner channels. Investors interested in learning more should call the Transamerica customer care group at 888-233-4339. Financial professionals interested in learning more should call the Transamerica sales desk at 800-851-7555. Both can also visit

Please consider the Funds' investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. The prospectus and/or summary prospectus contains this and other information about the Funds and should be read carefully before you invest or send money. To obtain a prospectus and for other information on Transamerica Funds, contact your financial professional or Transamerica at 888-233-4339 or visit our web site:

Mutual funds are subject to market risk, including the loss of principal. The selection of a Tactical Asset Allocation portfolio will not guarantee a profit nor protect against a loss. Municipal bond prices can rise or fall depending on interest rates. Interest rate changes generally have a greater effect on long-term bond prices. All municipal bonds carry credit risk that the issuer will default or be unable to make timely payments of interest and principal. Generally, lower rated bonds carry more credit risk. Investments in global/international markets involve risks not associated with U.S. markets, such as currency fluctuations, adverse social and political developments, and the relatively small size and lesser liquidity of the markets.

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Transamerica Asset Management (TAM) is the asset management business unit of Transamerica. TAM consists of Transamerica Funds, Transamerica Partners Funds, Transamerica Series Trust, Transamerica Income Shares, Inc., and Transamerica Asset Management, Inc., a registered investment advisor. TAM manages more than $50.6 billion in assets as of 6/30/12. TAM and its affiliate companies are wholly owned by AEGON N.V., an international life insurance, pension and asset management company.

About Transamerica Capital, Inc.

Transamerica Capital, Inc. is the underwriting and wholesaling broker-dealer for mutual funds advised by Transamerica Asset Management, Inc. Transamerica Capital, Inc., an AEGON company, works with financial professionals at wirehouse, regional, independent, and bank firms to provide a variety of investment solutions.

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