MediMobile Releases White Paper Addressing the Transition to ICD-10

GEORGETOWN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- MediMobile®, the leading provider of mobile charge capture for physicians, today released its white paper, “Equipping Physicians for ICD-10 Compliance: Addressing the Revenue Disruption Associated with the Transition to ICD-10.”

“The transition to ICD-10 represents the first major change to diagnoses classification since 1979, when ICD-9 was first adopted in America,” says Paul Valenzuela, COO of MediMobile and an expert in medical management practices. “ICD-10 will enable much more detailed statistical reporting about both illness and care quality, and will help update diagnosis coding to be consistent with current health care needs.”

However, the transition also represents an enormous and expensive undertaking for medical practices of all sizes. The price of the transition to ICD-10 will vary based on practice size, but the cost of implementation is estimated to run between $83,000 and $2.7 million.

“This white paper analyzes the four primary options available for minimizing the cost and revenue disruption associated with adopting a new coding system,” says John Grimshaw, author of the white paper and one of MediMobile’s health care IT specialists. “Ultimately, the most important consideration is finding a solution that care providers can easily use and integrate into their current processes. Physicians are on the front-line of both diagnosing and coding; consequently they are the most important component of the transition to ICD-10.”

The white paper is publicly available on MediMobile’s website. To view or download the document, visit

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