New website allows you to memorialize loved ones.

Boca Raton, Oct. 31, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "The loss of a friend or loved one has two universal truths - It is a tragic life event that can drastically affect our lives and it something almost all of us experience at one time or another."

Michael Munsterman, creator of expounded his sentiment about loss and his inspiration for the online memorial website: "The loss of a loved one is by definition an irreplaceable part of your life. It is a sad reflection of human nature and perhaps a clichéd observation, however, sometimes we can only appreciate and measure the value someone has had on our lives after they have passed. Our mission at Memory Rain is to allow those who wish to memorialize their passed loved ones an online vehicle that is eternal, affordable and worthy of their memory."

Memory Rain makes creating an online memorial for a loved one very simple. With intuitive controls, you can create a beautiful and meaningful virtual memorial that you can share with your friends and family. You can invite anyone to share a memory about a person, and personalize their memorial page. Memory Rain has created a truly interactive and captivating way to immortalize their creed: 'Never Forget. Never Be Forgotten'.

But it is Memory Rains' memorial aesthetic that truly characterizes its' prestige - with an enchanting, user-friendly interface each memorial is truly a virtual celebratory with every imaginable medium for canonization available. Users can share videos and images and a detailed biography. If a memorial is sponsored it also allows visitors to interact through posts and comments on a memorial wall.

Munsterman expressed his gratification at the fulfillment of purpose that the online memorial publisher offers: "I am extremely proud of what Memory Rain represents for the memorialized and the commemorators. Life is a fickle and tremendously abbreviated experience. That experience is shaped and defined through the immortal love and laughter we are blessed to share with the other players in our act. Memory Rain allows our visitors to create interminable legacies of those who have defined us most."

Visit to see the future of immortalizing the past, and create your online tribute for a loved one today, on the new leader in memorial websites.

Memory Rain seem to have auspiciously adopted and affected a credo shared by Ralph Waldo Emerson (who ironically has his own online memorial at Memory Rain):

"It is not length of life, but depth of life."

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