America is Losing a Generation of Young Veterans

WASHINGTON, Nov. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- After putting their lives on the line in the service of their country, far too many of America's veterans return home only to face issues like homelessness, unemployment, divorce, and thoughts of suicide. Don't those who sacrifice for our country need a safety net that provides help and continuing support?

As the founder and CEO of Homeward Deployed, an organization that assists soldiers as they return to civilian life, Gretchen Martens knows the hardships our brave soldiers face back at home. She asserts that the safety net our soldiers need is called: community. Through her efforts, communities across the nation are learning how they can help veterans reclaim their lives and be strong and happy at home.

Invite this passionate and inspirational guest to answer:

  • Why are today's veterans not better off than their Vietnam era peers?
  • Why will this epidemic cost America over $1 trillion?
  • What low-cost solutions can support our veterans and save America money?
  • With the GI Bill in place, why are 88% of student veterans dropping out?
  • What can regular citizens do to support soldiers in their community?

CREDENTIALS: Gretchen Martens is the founder and CEO of Homeward Deployed, an organization that assists soldiers who are returning home from active service. Her new book, Untying the Yellow Ribbon: Why Saying "Thank You for Your Service" Isn't Enough, reveals what Americans need to do to help their brave soldiers who are often struggling as they return to civilian life. Martens has been featured by the Chandler and Raea Political Talk Radio Show (DC), Design Your Life—Coaching for New Choices Show with Patricia Hirsch (Orange County, CA), WRDW news (Augusta, GA), and Let's Talk Marketing Radio Show with Catherine Franz (DC).

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