Displaced Subway Rats Pose Health Risk in Storm-Ravaged New York City

MEMPHIS, Nov. 1, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As New York City residents begin to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, they face a disturbing effect of the storm: displaced rats living underground not only in subways and sewers but also basements and sublevels.

Terminix, the world's largest pest control provider, is warning residents of New York City to be vigilant in the coming days of increased numbers of rats making new homes in apartments and businesses.

"Rats are skilled swimmers and climbers and will evade rising waters by moving up into bulidings to higher ground," said Terminix entomologist Stoy Hedges. "Rats are born-survivors and will readily move to better conditions to find food and a place to live. Unfortunately in a big city, these are provided by homes and businesses."

Rats are known to carry pathogens that can cause disease and which can be spread through bites, feces, and urine. Rats foraging for food can contaminate food with their feces and urine.

"It is important for New York City residents to look for signs of rat activity and protect their homes and businesses from rats that will be looking for new homes," said Hedges.

Terminix advises residents and business owners to consider the following:

  • Seal gaps around pipes leading from walls into apartments.
  • Install a tight-fitting weather strip on the bottom of all windows and doors.
  • Ensure any attic and foundation vents are equipped with tight-fitting quarter-inch hardware cloth. A regular insect screen will not deter rodents, as they can easily chew through the material.
  • Move piles of debris away from your home as quickly as possible. These can provide ample sources of shelter for rodents.
  • Trim tree branches 6 feet away from roofs and walls. Rodents are great climbers and acrobats, allowing them to scale rough surfaces in order access the building's roof and exterior vents.

If residents see rats in or around their building, they should call a professional pest control service such as Terminix to diagnose and treat the infestation. For more information, visit www.terminix.com.

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Source: Terminix