Data Mining Software Vendor Will Host a Free Webinar Discussing the Winning Advantages of Gradient Boosting and Decision Trees

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 1, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tree ensembles and decision trees are a winning combination for data miners and predictive modelers. Salford Systems' Senior Scientist Mikhail Golovnya will spend one hour detailing the advantages and how to overcome shortcomings in a free educational webinar on Friday, Nov. 9, 10-11 a.m., PST.

The data mining software used in this webinar will include two separate components of the Salford Predictive Modeler® software suite: TreeNet® (stochastic gradient boosting) and CART® (classification and regression trees).

The course outline is as follows:

  • Decision tree pros/cons
  • Tree ensembles: a promising way to overcome the shortcomings of a single tree
  • Illustrating tree ensembles using stochastic gradient boosting; a powerful modern ensemble of boosted trees Methodology Reporting Interpretability Post-processing Interaction detection Advantages of using both decision trees and tree ensembles

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"In this webinar, we use a straightforward, practical example to illustrate some of the key characteristics and differences of modern data mining techniques generally known as decision trees and ensembles of trees," explains Golovnya. "In particular, we use CART (Classification and Regression Trees) as a well-established single tree approach, followed by TreeNet stochastic gradient boosting – a novel approach of combining many decision trees into a sequence to further improve modeling accuracy while increasing the complexity of interpretation."

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