One Nation Under God Foundation: Indiana Rape Survivors Support Mourdock Abortion Statement

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- A number of Indiana rape survivors, the children of women who had been raped according to One Nation Under God Foundation, met yesterday in Indianapolis to film a YouTube video saying that they are all alive today because their birth mothers had chosen to give them life despite having been raped.

Each of the women supported recent statements by Richard Mourdock saying that the children of rape victims had a right to be born.

One Hoosier survivor, Wendy Sikes, said in part of the video, “I appreciate the fact that Richard Mourdock was willing to stand up not only for me but for my children and future generations.”

Said survivor Pam Stenzel in the YouTube video, “I am still a human being. I don’t believe I should have received the death penalty because my biological father was a rapist.”

Please review this touching five minute video to learn about what the survivors who were born as a result of this horrendous crime upon their mothers have to say.

Please feel free to contact survivors if you wish to interview them:

Wendy Sikes: (317) 490-6862

Monica Kelsey:

Pam Stenzel: (612) 812-1284

The video was sponsored by the One Nation Under God Foundation.

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Source: One Nation Under God Foundation