SalvageData Offers up to $1,000 Discount for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

WASHINGTON, Nov. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Now through December 31, 2012, SalvageData Recovery, the nation's leading ISO-9001 and SOC 3-secure certified data recoveryexpert, is offering assistance to all residents of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions affected by Hurricane Sandy. The company is now offering up to $1,000 aid on the complete support package, which includes free shipping to SalvageData, free hard drive recovery evaluation, insurance documentation support, and complementary media storage for the recovered data lost during the hurricane. The discount may also be applied toward any personal electronic data storage devices including home computers, mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones, or portable hard drives. Those individuals affected can speak directly with a SalvageData recovery advisor for guidance on how best to prepare their damaged media devices for data salvaging.

SalvageData has transferred additional support and resources from its Washington, D.C. headquarters to regional offices in the affected areas. The company's New York City, Newark, Philadelphia and Stamford offices are prepared to work closely with local relief agencies, insurance agencies, and the thousands of IT service providers already in its Partner Network throughout the disaster zone to assist local residents and businesses in need of data recovery from failed storage media devices.

"The recent devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy have left thousands without power, without homes, and without their belongings. As many will look to salvage and recover what they can - including their personal files, irreplaceable photos, financial records and other important data - it's very important for them to know that attempting traditional data recovery and restoration on drives, servers or electronic storage devices that appear to have been exposed to any kind of flood, moisture or electrical surges is not advised as this often only leads to further deterioration," said Ralph Pierre, President of SalvageData Recovery. "Proper initial handling of damaged devices is critical in order to increase the likelihood of a successful recovery."

SalvageData Recovery, which has worked with thousands of individuals and businesses to successfully recover data for clients after similar tragedies including Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Katrina, and most recently Hurricane Irene, recommends the following tips to preserve damaged media for optimal recovery:

  • Immediately disconnect all surge protectors, APS systems, computers, servers and devices from any power outlet (whether active or inactive).
  • Visually inspect all devices not only for signs of water damage but also excessive moisture deposits from dampness.
  • Do not attempt to dry or reuse any wet electronic devices or hard drives.
  • Contact a data recovery expert immediately before attempting to power on any failed, wet, or otherwise inaccessible hard drives, servers and storage devices containing critical data.

About SalvageData Recovery.

SalvageData is the world's only independently-owned ISO-9001 certified data recovery provider with SOC Type 3 security controls for privacy and confidentiality. SalvageData regularly works with government agencies, as a certified 8(a) GSA government contractor. In addition to specialized security measures unique to SalvageData, the company adheres to all levels of federal and local government data confidentiality and data protection requirements. SalvageData has successfully recovered data for NASA, the U.S. Navy, the FDA, the Department of Justice, as well as countless other state and local agencies. SalvageData has the industry's leading track record, often successfully salvaging data deemed 'unrecoverable' by other data recovery companies. The company regularly works with thousands of corporations, including: Pepsi, Citi-Bank, Yale University, Haliburton, and the New York Stock Exchange.

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