Income Store Wraps up First Year, Helps Individuals “Buy” More Income

Income Store shows dramatic results, poised for future growth

MINOOKA, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Today’s Growth Consultant, creator of over 150 revenue generating “authority” websites, announced today that the first year of their Income Store Division delivered dramatic results and is poised for future growth. Income Store is a unique organization that developed a platform that identifies and purchases existing revenue generating websites. They use this platform to help individuals who need to quickly increase their income.

According to Ken Courtright, founder of Today’s Growth Consultant and creator of Income Store’s platform, Income Store has helped individuals across America “buy” incomes from $500 to $5,000 per month. This model of “buying income,” as he describes it, is working.

“We are beyond pleased with our first year’s success,” said Courtright. “There were three keys to our success. First, we have skin in the game with each website we purchase. In exchange for finding, managing, marketing and further growing the site, we get a split of all revenues. It’s in our best interest to find the fastest growing, most stable sites for us to buy. This makes it a valued partnership. Second, through our parent company, we have built a network of 150 of our own authoritative sites, in four countries, that get seen over 40 million times each year that we can draw experience from and even inter-market the new Income Store properties into. Finally, half the people that came to Income Store used Self Directed IRA’s to fund the site purchase. The use of IRA’s allows a lot more people to consider this a great income producing option as it doesn’t interrupt current family budgets. People are literally buying themselves a Christmas present. It’s a lot of fun.”

Many have “shopped” at Income Store more than once. John Mann of Jacksonville, Fla. said, “When the first site Income Store found me started generating $2,200 per month in less than six weeks, I asked them to find me a second that would provide me with another $3,000 per month.”

According to Courtright, engaging with Income Store is a simple six-step process.

  • Individual picks their level of desired income and associated cost of acquisition
  • Individual funds the project, including the use of self directed IRA’s
  • Income Store scans approximately 8000 Global sites for sale to determine the best site
  • Income Store acquires a revenue generating website for the Individual
  • Income Store places ownership of site in Partner’s or IRA’s name
  • Income Store manages, markets, grows and guarantees website in exchange for 50 per cent of revenues going forth

About Today’s Growth and the Income Store

Today’s Growth Consultant has helped over 2700 companies Grow their business in 42 states. In 2011, Today’s Growth started the Income Store Division to offer individuals the opportunity to create immediate income in an expedient and guaranteed way. For more information, visit or

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