Going Strong: Oxea’s Bay City Plant Observes 50th Anniversary

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Chemical company Oxea celebrates the 50th anniversary of its chemical plant in Bay City, Texas. On November 1st, local city and county officials joined past and present employees in a festive celebration at the site to mark this occasion. In honour of this significant milestone Bay City Council Member Carolyn Thames presented Oxea with a commemorative plaque. Oxea Bay City plant site director Steven Parker and Dr. Martina Flöel, spokesperson of the Oxea Executive Board, both emphasized in their speeches that Oxea’s primary value “safety first” is built on a mission of zero compromises in safety, health and environmental protection.

The facility began production in 1962 as Matagorda County’s first chemical plant. As it continued to grow and evolve, it quickly became one of the city’s largest employers. Originally owned by Celanese, it later became the Oxea Bay City plant in March of 2007. Today it is a large world-scale facility that produces Oxo chemicals such as oxo-alcohols, carboxylic acids and acetate esters, primarily for the North and South American markets. These products are in high demand in various industries world-wide. Therefore the recent, very successful capacity increase of the Bay City plant syngas production facility helped to strengthen Oxea’s market position and to support its customers’ growth.

“Throughout all the changes and growth, there has been a clear focus on being a responsible and responsive Corporate Citizen. The employees of the Bay City plant have worked safely, maintained exceptional environmental compliance and diligently worked to exceed customers’ expectations,” said Parker.

“Oxea is growing despite a rocky global economy. Thanks to the efforts of our employees our future continues to look strong. We remain a world leader in the Oxo market and the Bay City Plant plays an important role in this success,” added Flöel, who is, among others, responsible for Global Operations at Oxea.

Oxea is a global manufacturer of oxo intermediates and oxo derivatives, such as alcohols, polyols, carboxylic acids, specialty esters, and amines. These products are used for the production of high-quality coatings, lubricants, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, flavourings and fragrances, printing inks and plastics. In 2011, Oxea generated revenue of about EUR 1.5 billion with its 1,365 employees in Europe, the Americas and Asia. For more information, visit www.oxea-chemicals.com.

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