DocuTech Expert Available: Impact of the Presidential Election on the Housing Market



While most economists point to the housing market as a key to the economic recovery, the presidential campaign has been surprisingly quiet on how each candidate will address the industry’s challenges.
Despite the lack of exposure in the debates and public appearances, though, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama each have very different views on how to rebuild the housing industry and oversee the regulatory environment. How will the results of the November 6 presidential election impact consumers seeking to buy a new home? Will the regulatory environment change? How does the increase or decrease of regulatory pressure impact the ability of Americans to qualify for and afford a mortgage?


Ty Jenkins, president and founder of DocuTech, a leading provider of compliant mortgage document services, can provide expert commentary on:
-- The impact of the presidential election on the regulatory environment facing lenders nationwide.
-- How the regulatory environment affects borrowers seeking to refinance or purchase a home.
-- The prospects for recovery under the proposed policies of both presidential candidates.


Jenkins is available to provide expert insight immediately.


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