FACTBOX-NY-area energy supply chain under strain post-Sandy



PBF Energy Delaware City, 190,000 Operations normal.


PBF Energy Paulsboro, New 180,000 Operations normal.


Hess Corp Port Reading, New 70,000 Shut down. Remained without

power as of Nov. 2. Truck racks

Jersey and marine terminal operating on limited basis

with generator power.

Philadelphia Philadelphia, 330,000 Reduced rates. Both crude

sections restarted at Point Breeze

Energy Solutions Pennsylvania as of Oct. 31. Company said

on Nov. 2 it would be back to normal schedules this weekend after delays in crude deliveries.

Monroe Energy Trainer, 185,000 Operated throughout storm.

Back in full service as of Nov. 1

Pennsylvania though not at full rates due to maintenance


Phillips 66 Linden, New Jersey 238,000 Shut down. Could be weeks

away from restarting due to heavy damage from salt-water flooding, source familiar said. Phillips 66 says power has been restored, but has not provided timeline for restart.

Imperial Oil Ltd Sarnia, Ontario 121,000 Returning to normal service

as of Oct. 31 after power outage. EIA REPORT ON STATUS OF TERMINALS


Colonial Pipeline Linden NJ Open 11/3/2012 Hess Groton CT 812,185 Open 11/3/2012 IMTT Bayonne NJ 16,000,000 Shut; expected to reopen by 11/3/2012

next week-Macquarie

Kinder Morgan Carteret NJ Open 11/3/2012 Kinder Morgan Perth Amboy NJ 3,543,388 Open 11/3/2012 Kinder Morgan Philadelphia PA 11,878,462 Open 11/3/2012 Kinder Morgan Staten Island NY 2,959,700 Open 11/3/2012 Magellan Midstream Wilmington DE 2,842,000 Open 11/3/2012 Magellan Midstream New Haven CT 4,000,000 Open 11/3/2012 Motiva Bridgeport CT 1,290,000 Open with reduced operations 11/3/2012 Motiva Brooklyn NY Shut 11/3/2012 Motiva Long Island NY 222,000 Shut 11/3/2012 Motiva Newark NJ 1,113,000 Shut 11/3/2012 Motiva New Haven CT 1,600,000 Open 11/3/2012 Motiva Sewaren NJ 5,000,000 Shut 11/3/2012 Motiva Baltimore MD 1,100,000 Open 11/3/2012 Motiva Fairfax VA 360,000 Open 11/3/2012 Motiva Richmond VA 210,000 Open 11/3/2012 Motiva Providence RI 1,458,000 Open 11/3/2012 NuStar Energy Paulsboro NJ 90,800 Open 11/3/2012 NuStar Energy Linden NJ Open 11/3/2012 NuStar Energy Virginia Beach VA 40,000 Open 11/3/2012 NuStar Energy Dumfries VA Open 11/3/2012 NuStar Energy Piney Point MD 5,403,000 Open 11/3/2012 NuStar Energy Andrews AFB MD Open 11/3/2012 NuStar Energy Baltimore MD 832,000 Open 11/3/2012 Phillips 66 Riverhead NY Open 11/3/2012 Phillips 66 Tremley Point NJ Shut 11/3/2012 Hess Brooklyn, NY Open 11/3/2012


Global Partners Inwood NY Open 11/3/12 Motiva Long Island NY Shut 11/3/12 Global Partners Newburgh NY Open 11/3/12 Global Partners Oyster Bay NY Open 11/3/12 Castle Port Morris Bronx NY Open 11/3/12 Gulf Oil New Haven CT Open 11/3/12 Schildwachter Oil Bronx NY Open 11/3/12 Hess Pennsauken NJ Open 11/3/12


COMPANY LOCATION CAPACITY STATUS BP Products North New York, NY Harbor 53,000 Unknown

America, Inc.

BP Products North Carteret, NJ 1,445,000 Unknown

America, Inc.

Buckeye Terminals, LLC New Jersey, NY Harbor 4,000,000 Unknown Carbo Industries, Inc. Long Island, NY 5,900,000 Unknown Castle Port Morris New York, NY Harbor 846,000 Unknown


Center Point Terminal New Jersey, NY Harbor 1,018,300 Unknown


CITGO Petroleum Corp. Linden, NJ 3,669,250 Unknown Getty Terminals Corp. New Jersey, NY Harbor 1,018,300 Unknown Getty Terminals Corp. Bronx, NY 23,000 Unknown Global Companies, LLC Long Island, NY 104,200 Unknown Global Companies, LLC Long Island, NY 325,700 Unknown Gulf Oil, Limited Linden, NJ 568,374 Unknown


Hess Corporation New York, NY Harbor 533,933 Shut Hess Corporation New York, NY Harbor 646,334 Shut Hess Corporation New Jersey, NY Harbor 5,961,000 Shut Hess Corporation New Jersey, NY Harbor 4,900 Shut Hess Corporation New Jersey, NY Harbor 579,619 Shut Hess Corporation New Jersey, NY Harbor 608,000 Shut Hess Corporation New Jersey, NY Harbor 1,689,000 Shut Kinder Morgan New York, NY Harbor 2,959,700 Unknown Kinder Morgan Liquids New Jersey, NY Harbor 7,542,619 Unknown

Terminals, LLC

Lorco Petroleum New Jersey, NY Harbor 476,190 Unknown


Metro Terminals Corp. Brooklyn, NY 207,000 Unknown Motiva Enterprises, LLC New York, NY Harbor 50,000 Unknown Motiva Enterprises, LLC Long Island, NY 222,000 Shut NuStar Energy, LP New Jersey, NY Harbor 4,116,000 Unknown NuStar Energy, LP New Jersey, NY Harbor 340,000 Unknown Sprague Energy Long Island, NY 80,263 Unknown


Sunoco Logistics New Jersey, NY Harbor 505,457 Unknown