Beverly Hills Chiropractor's ExecuSlim Plan Supports Long-term Medical Weight Loss

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Nov. 4, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Executive ER in Beverly Hills, CA announced that the practice now offers a physician-supervised weight loss program. The program, known as ExecuSlim, combines a low-glycemic dietary plan with nutritional counseling, natural dietary supplements, and exercise for long-term medical weight loss. The plan's comprehensive nutritional counseling is designed to help patients control hunger, and learn to enjoy healthy eating while enhancing fat burn. According to Executive ER, this plan is successful because it combines the latest nutritional knowledge with patient-proven strategies.

Individuals searching for an effective Beverly Hills weight loss plan may wish to learn more about ExecuSlim, a new physician-supervised medical weight loss program offered by Executive ER.

Beverly Hills chiropractor Dr. Daniel Jacobsen recommends the program for patients who need assistance losing weight and keeping the pounds off. The chiropractor emphasizes that ExecuSlim not only helps patients lose weight, but also through dietary and lifestyle changes helps patients successfully keep off the pounds they lose.

"I often tell my patients that losing weight is the easy part; it's keeping the weight off that is the real challenge," says Dr. Jacobsen. "That's why our ExecuSlim plan is so effective. Our management program and nutrition counseling helps to blast off fat while slowly transition patients to a new, healthy lifestyle. The pounds come off and they stay off!"

The ExecuSlim program combines nutritional counseling with lifestyle changes to help patients control hunger, re-structure their eat habits, and change their relationship with food.

"Many patients who are overweight suffer from a love-hate relationship with food," said Dr. Jacobsen. "They may deny themselves food only to binge in private and then feel guilty for eating. Our program helps patients learn to eat to fuel their bodies rather than to cope with emotional distress or anxiety."

Program participants will follow a low-glycemic dietary plan that incorporates Zone weight loss products to increase fat burning. Prior to beginning the program, patients receive a detailed overview, along with a weight and body fat analysis, blood panel evaluation, and medical consultation.

"Our supplements are FDA approved," said Dr. Jacobsen. "When combined with a low-glycemic diet, they help patients quickly drop the pounds. Our nutritional counseling and lifestyle changes help patients maintain this weight loss permanently."

Dr. Jacobsen recommends ExecuSlim for individuals who have repeatedly tried and failed to lose weight. The chiropractor says Beverly Hills weight loss patients choose ExecuSlim because of the program's emphasis on long-term success.

"This isn't a fad diet that will leave patients weighting more than when they started," said Dr. Jacobsen. "It is based on decades of medical research and patient-proven success strategies."

In addition to nutritional counseling, Executive ER also offers chiropractic care for back pain relief, herniated disc treatment and injury rehabilitation.

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