North Miami Beach Veterinarian Offers Free Exams for Adopted Humane Society Pets

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Nov. 4, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arch Creek Animal Clinic in North Miami Beach, FL announced that the veterinary hospital offers free wellness exams for animals adopted from the Humane Society. The exams must occur within 72-hours of adoption. Veterinarian Dr. Albert F. Williams, III says the free exams are part of the animal hospital's on-going commitment to supporting shelter animals in need. As a referring clinic for the North Miami Beach Humane Society, Dr. Williams works closely with this local chapter to support the health and well-being of shelter animals in need. Dr. Williams hopes that the free wellness exam will encourage potential pet owners to choose to adopt their new cat or dog from the Humane Society, rather than purchasing through a breeder.

Individuals who adopt a pet from the Humane Society may receive a free vet exam for their new cat or dog at Arch Creek Animal Clinic. The North Miami Beach animal hospital provides the initial wellness exam free of charge for all cats and dogs within 72-hours of adoption.

"Our veterinary clinic has a long tradition of supporting the Humane Society," said Dr. Albert F. Williams, III. "As part of our commitment to helping shelter cats and dogs in need, we are proud to offer free wellness exams. This exam will help reassure pet owners that their new pet is healthy. We provide nutritional counseling and can also recommend behavior and pet training programs to foster a positive pet-owner relationship."

According to Dr. Williams, some potential pet owners are wary about adopting pets from the Humane Society out of concern that these animals may have unknown health problems. A free wellness exam can reassure pet owners that their pets are healthy.

Dr. Williams is hoping that the free wellness exam will encourage potential pet owners to adopt Humane Society pets. The veterinarian has a long history of working closely with the Humane Society to support pet adoption and help animals in need.

"Shelter animals deserve a fair chance at a loving home," said Dr. Williams. "Many of these animals are surrendered by their owners when they move or are unable to properly care for them. Choosing to adopt a shelter animal is a responsible and ethical decision."

As part of this commitment to helping shelter animals, Dr. Williams also recommends that pet owners spay or neuter their dogs and cats. Spaying and neutering offers important health benefits to the pet while also helping to reduce the shelter animal population.

Arch Creek Animal Clinic offers spay and neuter operations, in addition to routine wellness care and pet vaccinations. The practice offers pet dental care, orthopedic surgery, and pet senior care for cats and dogs.

Dr. Williams is a member of the South Florida Veterinary Medical Association (SFVMA) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

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