Animal Hospital in Durham Recommends Scheduling Pet Boarding Early Before Holiday Rush

DURHAM, N.C., Nov. 4, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham, NC is reminding pet owners about the benefits of boarding pets at an animal hospital over the busy holiday season. According to veterinarian Soren Windram, boarding is a smart, safe choice for pets. The trained veterinary team can provide round-the-clock care for pets, administer medications, and provide life-saving care in the event of a medical emergency. The animal clinic offers dog boarding, cat boarding and exotic pet boarding.

With the holidays fast approaching, veterinarians Dr. Soren Windram and Dr. Kay Bishop are urging pet owners to consider boarding their pets at an animal hospital in Durham. According to the vets, a veterinary hospital is a safe, secure and caring environment for pets.

"Our vet care team has the knowledge and experience to care for a variety of pets, including hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits," said Dr. Bishop. "Our team is specially trained to administer medication and provide life-saving support in the event an emergency. That's a level of care the average friend or neighbor simply cannot provide."

New Hope Animal Hospital provides dog boarding, cat boarding and exotic pet boarding. Dogs enjoy a private dog run while cats stay in separate areas with a large window to observe outdoor wildlife and squirrels.

Dogs also enjoy supervised outdoor playtime three to four times per day, either with other dogs or one-on-one with the dog boarding team.

Pet owners who travel for the holidays can enjoy their vacation, having peace of mind knowing that their pets are safe and well cared for. Additionally, pet owners do not have to worry about pets damaging their house or escaping.

"Without consistent human interaction, dogs can become depressed, anxious and lonely," said Dr. Bishop. "Consequently, even well-behaved dogs can act out, chewing on furniture and attempting to escape. During the holiday season, even the most well-intentioned neighbor or friend may not have the free time to give dogs the attention they need. Our vet hospital can help."

The animal vet clinic follows strict standards for pet safety and sanitation. All pets are required to be up to date on vaccinations prior to admittance. Dogs must also be on a flea and tick control medication.

In addition to dog and cat boarding, the animal vet clinic also offers discounted bathing services for boarded pets.

"After a week in boarding, your pet can come home freshly bathed," said Dr. Windram. "We can also schedule some routine wellness services, such as vaccination boosters, while your pet is staying with us. This saves time for busy pet owners."

Dr. Windram and Dr. Bishop recommend that pet owners schedule holiday boarding services as soon as they make their travel plans. The animal vet clinic has a limited number of spaces that fill quickly over the holidays. For more information, visit:

CONTACT: New Hope Animal Hospital 888-667-5235Source:New Hope Animal Hospital