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2012-10-29 [Source: Far East Group]

The Celebration of the Joint Venture Between S & P Pharmaceutical and Shengda Copper

On October 20, the ceremony of joint venture of S & P Pharmaceutical and Shengda Copper and the 20th anniversary celebration of Shengda Copper were held in Taixing. The leaders of Taixing City, and the managers of Far East Holding Group, Far East Cable Co., Ltd., and Shengda Copper attended the celebration.

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2012-10-29 [Source: Yunda Express]

Yunda Express Conducted the Express Knowledge Contest

October 22, 2012, Yunda Express Hangzhou distribution center host an express knowledge contest, themed as the 'Soul Light Cup-Honest Service Standard'. This event was hosted by the manager of Hangzhou distribution center and more than 50 employees participated in the activity.

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2012-10-29 [Source: Fotile]

Fotile Borcci Voted as the 2012 Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Brand

September 10, 2012, the election of 'China Top 10 Cabinet Brands' which voted by consumers from China Cabinet Net reached a successful closing. The election was conducted by the Internet voting, experts' evaluation and organizing committee review. Fotile won this title without doubt as the leading cabinet brand in China.

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2012-10-30 [Source: Sinostar Cable]

'Zhongchen Cable Cup' Sixth Tennis Tournament of the National Energy Industry Opens

At 9 o'clock on October 27, 2012, the Sixth China Energy System 'Zhongchen Cable Cup' Tennis Tournament is grand opening in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. 14 teams containing more than 200 athletes from various enterprises of national energy industry attended this competition.

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2012-10-30 [Source: Haoze]

Haoze Water Purification Got the NSF International Certification

Recently, Haoze water purification products passed the U.S. National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification, which means that the water quality of its products has met the international direct drinking water standard.

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2012-10-31 [Source: Primal Nutrition]

Primal Nutrition Provides the Health Concept to Chinese

As the American White-collar's favorite high-end health products ( began to flourish in China, the health concept of Primal Nutrition is gradually changing Chinese health mind, also becoming more popular among the retailers.

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2012-10-31 [Source: MITSUBISHI Heavy-Haier]

MITSUBISHI Heavy-Haier KX6 Series of the Ultra-Low Temperature Heating Product

Mitsubishi Heavy-Haier KX6 series not only has the advantage of ultra-low temperature heating, also be health, environmental protection, energy efficient and low noise and SUPERLINK-2 and so forth. Its 9 indoor units are able to match the different style of the space environment.

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2012-11-1 [Source: NVC-lighting]

NVC-lighting Won the 'Best Quality Construction Enterprise' Award on the 2012 10th China Financial Entities by Hexun Finance

In the Award Ceremony of the 2012 Tenth China Financial Entities, China's largest lighting brand supplier-the NVC (2222.HK), with its lighting products in the real estate industry getting an excellent reputation, finally won the 'Best Quality Construction Enterprise' award.

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2012-11-2 [Source: Changhong]

Changhong Implement the Reliability Engineering to Enhance the Core Competitiveness

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held an experience sharing activity of 'National Quality Benchmark', the typical results of the 50 companies were identified for the 2012 annual national quality benchmark. The reliability engineering of Changhong Group was selected in the 50 demonstration projects.

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2012-11-2 [Source: Seegle]

Seegle Cloud Conference: High Speed Information Flow to Benefit the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Seegle cloud conference system ( has become the first choice of small and medium-sized enterprise with more than 80000 clients at home and abroad. The fast flow of information will benefit the small and medium-sized enterprise for they are more flexible to information transformation.

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