Nixon & Vanderhye Reduces USPTO e-Office Action Intake Time by 90% Using First To File Automated Download System

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SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 5, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- First To File® (FTF), a leading provider of SaaS-based IP management technology, announced today that prominent IP law firm Nixon & Vanderhye has implemented FTF's automated integration with the USPTO e-Office Action Notification system, initially released in July. Each morning, First To File downloads files from the USPTO Private PAIR System directly into Nixon's Electronic File Room (EFR). Nixon staff report that FTF downloads from PAIR are consistently accurate and have allowed them to reduce intake time by 90%, eliminating double-work for the docketing staff and giving attorneys immediate access to critical PTO documents.

Before utilizing the FTF automated system, Nixon required two docketing people to handle the downloads: One individual downloaded the 200-300 files from PAIR each morning, and another renamed and uploaded them to First To File and delivered them to attorneys. Now, appropriate N&V staff can go directly to First To File's case files to retrieve the documents, while docketing is in the process of checking them in. This system frees up a significant amount of wasted download and filing time for docketing, and attorneys don't have to wait on an administrative bottleneck to access time-critical documents.

Kathy Smith, IP Systems Administrator at Nixon, explains, "First To File's integration with the USPTO e-Office Action program has made our workflow significantly faster. Previously, it took up to 2 days to get the documents to the attorneys, and now they get them the same day, sometimes by as early as 2:30pm. Our docketing staff reports that First To File's automated downloads are accurate, having eliminated the potential of human error in the retrieval of documents issued via the USPTO e-office action program."

First To File CEO James P. Bergeron commented, "We are pleased that Nixon & Vanderhye has streamlined its workflow by installing First To File's integration between our Electronic File Room and the USPTO system. Intellectual property information is increasingly managed electronically because of the instant efficiency it brings to daily processes like docketing and document management. FTF will continue to lead the industry with more integration services for all global PTOs, which will increase efficiencies for all our corporate and law firm customers, and set new standards and processes for the industry as a whole."

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