Independent Grocers Embrace Online Shopping Trends -- Offer "eShop-Rewards" to Consumers

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 5, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Unified Grocers, the largest wholesale grocery distributor in the western United States, today announced that it is offering independent retailers an exclusive "eShop-Rewards" program that allows consumers to earn points toward a $25 prepaid Visa Rewards card (in addition to their regular credit card points) while shopping online at more than 1,000 of the nation's top online merchants.

Consumers may participate in the eShop-Rewards program for free by registering at the eShop-Rewards website ( and selecting the local independent retail grocery store where they prefer to shop. Consumers may then begin earning eShop-Rewards points by visiting the national online merchants' websites (via the eShop website) and purchasing items such as gifts, toys, books, clothes, electronics and other products that they would normally buy. When consumers accumulate 27 points on the eShop-Rewards website, they simply click on the "earnings" button and a $25 Visa Rewards card is mailed to them. The reloadable Visa Rewards card may be reloaded in $25 increments with each additional 27 points earned by clicking on the "earnings" button.

eShop-Rewards has partnered with the national online merchants to provide the service to individuals that are registered and shopping through the eShop-Rewards website. Because eShop-Rewards is funded completely through the national merchants, it is offered at no cost to the independent grocery retailers and consumers.

Dan Murphy, vice president, Perishable and Retail Services, Unified Grocers, said, "What's great about eShop-Rewards is that shoppers of our independent retailers' stores are rewarded for online shopping they are already doing, and as a result, the independent retailers are able to attract more loyal customers and grow their businesses. It's a win-win for shoppers, retailers and local communities."

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