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SAINT-ANTOINE-DE-TILLY, Quebec, Nov. 6, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The master cheesemakers at Bergeron have pulled off an achievement cheese lovers have long been waiting for. With its new Classic and Calumet Light cheeses, the Quebec cheesemaker has created two new light cheeses that consumers love for their taste, and not just because they offer a low-fat alternative.

The three brothers - Mario, Roger and Sylvain Bergeron have adapted with success their savoir faire of master cheesemakers to the demands of high volume production.

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A Bergeron tour-de-force

Among today's consumers, low-fat products are increasingly popular for health reasons. But low fat cheeses rarely match the texture and taste of their regular counterparts. Cheese lovers looking for a low-fat alternative have had little choice but to sacrifice on enjoyment in exchange.

This was a concession that brothers Sylvain, Mario and Roger Bergeron could simply not accept. They took on the challenge of reducing the fat content in their existing cheeses by 50% without compromising on the taste that makes them such a pleasure to eat. Now they have done just that with Bergeron Classic and Calumet cheeses, two of their most popular products.

For the Bergeron brothers, the idea wasn't to make a light cheese that was indistinguishable from regular varieties, but to create a product consumers could appreciate in its own right. Now they can say "mission accomplished." Since the launch, blind taste tests have been held with several groups of cheese lovers. On average, one in three tasters preferred Classic and Calumet light, one in three the regular version, and one in three both versions in equal measure. We can now say that it truly is possible to choose a light cheese for the taste—and the eating enjoyment.

The latest additions to a product family honoured at home and abroad

Bergeron's new Classic and Calumet light cheeses are the latest additions to an award-winning family of products singled out year after year for excellence and innovation. Over the past decade, Bergeron fine cheeses have taken numerous honours at Quebec's Caseus Awards, the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, the prestigious American Cheese Society competition, Käsiade in Austria, and numerous competitions in the western North America.

Every award is a testimony to the ability of brothers Sylvain, Mario and Roger Bergeron—and all the company's master cheese makers—to produce large volumes of affordably priced cheeses that offer all the quality of artisanal cheeses

A third generation of master cheesemakers

A family business founded by a third generation of master cheesemakers, Fromagerie Bergeron has over 150 employees. Production runs 24/7 and more than 26 million liters of milk are processed each year to produce a range of nine fine cheeses, fresh-made cheeses, and Gouda and Parmesan fondues.

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