ESTeem Wireless Modems Announces Long Range Ethernet Narrow Band Licensed Modem

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Electronic Systems Technology, Inc. (EST) (OTCQB:ELST) dba ESTeem Wireless Modems (Automation Fair 2012, Booth 1300), announces their newest radio to comply with latest Federal Communications Commission (FCC) narrow band licensed standard. The ESTeem 210M was designed for long range and difficult terrain applications the Industrial, Public Safety, and Federal markets. Operating in the 150 to 174 MHz frequency band provides both Ethernet/IP and Serial/DF1 interfaces to industrial automation and control system hardware by using “State of the Art,” Selectable Quadrature Amplitude Modulation to provide data rates up to 54 Kbps in the narrow band licensed channels. “The ESTeem 210M also incorporates the Self-Healing MESH Network capabilities previously unavailable in narrow band licensed radios,” states Tom Kirchner, President. The Model 210M repeating capability allows creation of wireless networks over large geographical areas. This radio provides a substantial performance upgrade and ease of interfacing to existing Water/Waste Water, Oil/Gas and other utility sites that have to comply with the new FCC licensing regulations. This MESH Network will allow mobile Clients to roam seamlessly under the Wireless Canopy for site monitoring and internet communications.

The Model 210M features high security 128-bit AES-CCMP encryption to meet the requirements in most municipal, public safety and federal applications. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) allows on-line, critical diagnostics and network management while multiple modes of operation allow a single 210M to operate as a Master, MESH Repeater, Remote or Mobile Client through programmable selection.

Electronic Systems Technology (EST) has been a publicly held Corporation since 1984. EST was the first company to develop the wireless modem and receive the United States and Canadian patents for this technology. ESTeem is a 20+ Year Member in the original Rockwell Automation Pyramid Solutions Program started in 1991 which is now called the Encompass Program.

ESTeem Wireless Modems
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